The Pitino-Sypher Sexytime Scandal Is Just Gross

Former Fraternal Order of Police president David James was selected by the local Democratic Party to run for the 6th District Metro Council seat. Good pick! Told ya Herndon wasn’t happening, folks. But now first responders finally have a voice in the city’s legislative body. This is a good thing.  But concerns over residency seem to keep popping up. [Save Your Complaints]

We’re in the midst of the Second Annual Golden Poo Awards and your nominations are needed! Jump into the golden mix of hilarity! [Page One]

Kentucky’s got a new gubernatorial slate from the teabaggers: Phil Moffett & Mike Harmon. [Moffett-Harmon]

On Wednesday, the U.S. House approved Rep. John Yarmuth’s $534,000 funding request for the Kentucky Air National Guard’s emergency response unit. The funds will be used to build a new facility in Louisville that will house the Contingency Response Group. [Press Release]

Here is the dilly: you need to eat at these places in the East Market/NuLu District ASAP. [Click the Clicky]

The new arena opens in just a couple months. You ready for the influx of people downtown when you’re just trying to get home from work, among other things? We are! [WFPL]

Your school should take part in this year’s mock election. The Secretary of State could come visit you. [Civic Literacy]

Fairdale Bigfoot has a few good tips for dealing with the intense summer heat. [Consuming Louisville]

Karen Sypher’s ex-husband says she’s nuts. Will it float? [WAVE3]

Rick Pitino says Sypher is a great actress. Call us crazy, but, that’s crazy. Every teevee viewer on earth thinks she’s wonky, even if she’s innocent. If you don’t want to toss your cookies this early in the morning, do not read about the sexytime. [FOX 41]

Second Annual Golden Poo Awards: Day 4

Welcome to day 4 of the Second Annual Golden Poo Awards in honor of our third anniversary. Ten lucky winners will receive a fancy pile of golden poo. And you, our terrific readers, are going to help give the awards.

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Greg Fischer Scared, Already Going Negative

You don’t have to take my word for it. Greg Fischer is afraid he’s about to lose to Hal Heiner and he’s already going negative.

The latest from LEO Weekly’s Phillip Bailey:

While Fischer has pledged not to use negative television ads or mailers, sources say his campaign is conducting a poll to question voters about the fact that Heiner opposed the Fairness ordinance, has scoffed at global warming and is a Metro government insider.


It’s a vote the Fischer campaign is likely to highlight, but Joe Burgan, Heiner’s campaign manager, says that as mayor, Heiner will enforce the [Fairness] ordinance.


According to political observers, the injection of buzzwords, state politics and Rand Paul into the race this early indicates the Louisville businessman is a bit worried that his GOP opponent could be outpacing him, even though Democrats outnumber registered Republican voters two-to-one in Louisville.

Click here to read the entire story.

While Fairness is a big damn deal, so is the bridges debacle. So is fudging reality surrounding a patent that Greg’s daddy bought him. So’s outright lying to the public about an award. So’s going after the livelihood of critics. So’s hiring nothing but family and non-Louisvillians for a campaign. So’s continuing the good old boy network of Jerry Abramson.

The Sexytime Trial Downtown Is Heating Up

Please don’t forget to make your nominations in the Second Annual Golden Poo Awards. We’ve got three categories live so far. [Page One]

Today at 11:30 A.M. the Fairness Campaign is hosting a ‘Show Me Your Papers’ street demonstration at 4th Street Live. They’ll be there in protest of Arizona’s discriminatory immigration law. [Press Release]

Randy Newman will appear with the Louisville Orchestra on Saturday, September 25. Ticket prices range from $30 to $72. [Press Release]

If you missed it yesterday, Kentucky’s got a brand new U.S. Senate candidate. And he’s about the most Anti-Semitic person on the planet. You’ll throw up. I promise. [More Page One]

A new sprayground opened in Portland. Does anyone miss the days when the city actually operated more than two or three swimming pools? [WFPL]

The Fright Night Film Festival is this weekend. You going? Maybe you’re too skeerd of scary movies? If the festival is anything like its website, you’re likely to go blind or suffer a seizure. [Fright Night]

Wishing on full moons is a new concept. But maybe it’s worth a shot. Seems to make more sense than most anything done in Washington or in Frankfort. [LEO Weekly]

Maybe Rick Pitino is gonna spice things up. Karen Sypher’s attorney is set to question him. [Herald-Leader]

Actually, Rick Pitino told jurors of his sexytime. How scary. [FOX 41]

Very Important: Joe Arnold Wins At Life

Joe Arnold wins at life for this hilarious moment on teevee yesterday, discussing how dirty the courthouse was after testimony about the Karen Sypher-Rick Pitino sexytime scandal:


Haha. Get it? The courthouse needed a shower after all the juicy, juicy. Not even kidding. Cracked up while watching.

I will send Joe many, many amazing awards for that hilarity.

I’m sure you can find the entire segment on somewhere.