St. Matthews Is Now The Land Of Torture

What are you doing now that Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom is closed? [WHAS11]

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Phoenix Lindsey-Hall’s latest show at the Tim Faulker Gallery, you should do so. Deep look at foreclosure. [LEO Weekly]

Joe Arnold caught up with Rand Paul in a Clear Channel hallway to discuss that mean old librul, Jack Conway. [WHAS11]

Louisville’s 4th of July celebration was pretty calm. Unlike the racist invasion in Lexington. [Page One]

The Mom Jeans have returned. Be afraid. Very afraid. [The Wil Show]

Everybody’s emailing us about shock probation in this Bullitt County DUI case. [WAVE3]

Parking rates have jumped from $6 to $8 at the Fairgrounds to make up for lost revenue. Which makes tons of sense right before the State Fair kicks off during this time of recession. [FOX41]

Woah – torture in St. Matthews? Over $200,000 in drug money. Guess you never know what your neighbors are up to. [WLKY]

All Monday Mornings Should Be This Quiet

It’s still Independence Day in Real America, so posting will be less frequent than normal today.

If you’re ever wondering why A Kentucky Newspaper treats the University of Louisville with kid gloves? Just remember those 14 seats the paper gets in the new arena. [Deep Thoughts]

Even Republicans think Daniel Mongiardo needs to grow up. His pity party is, you know, long over. [EITB]

Rand Paul really is flip-flopping on that underground electric fence. See what he had to say on his own campaign website about keeping the messicans out. [Page One]

You should read these essays from historians on America. []

The Museum Plaza HUD loan will be discussed at a public hearing on Wednesday. You going? [WFPL]

Anyone watch the July 4th Afghanistan special on Fox 41? We missed it! We are un-American, so please let us know how it was. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Michelle Jones is un-American and does not like beer. Please send her hate mail. And then go enjoy some Bell’s Hopslam ASAP. [Consuming Louisville]

Will this “stimulus” plan put together by major retailers lure you out to spend more of what you don’t have? Yes, there’s a local connection. [NY Times]

Watch Fox41 July 4th Special On Afghanistan

Fox41 announced this morning that it’ll air an Independence Day special on the Kentucky National Guard’s effort in Afghanistan.

Fox 41 anchor-reporter Lindsay Allen and chief photographer Ken Bradley spent two weeks in Afghanistan, embedded with the Kentucky National Guard’s Agri Business Development Team. The team was in Afghanistan as part of an effort to teach the Afghan people how to better grow crops and become more self-reliant.

Over the course of the special, both Allen and Bradley will discuss what they experienced during their trip. They will also share new video that hasn’t yet aired on Fox 41, as well as a roundup of some of the video highlights of the trip.

“After our trip to Afghanistan, we had a lot of coverage and a lot of footage that we weren’t able to fit…into our news pieces,” Allen told Friday afternoon. “So this is gonna be some extended interviews — some footage you haven’t seen that really covers our journey to Afghanistan from the time we left to the time we got back, and the journey in between.”

Here’s a promo provided by the station:

Tune in Sunday at 10:30 P.M.

Oh, Sylvia, The Gift That Keeps On Enraging

Remember Sylvia Lovely? She swindled how much from the Kentucky League of Cities? And she’s still rolling around in that fancy BMW.

I won’t even bother linking to that awesome resignation letter of hers in which she refers to herself as the “Britney Spears of the Bluegrass.” Okay, maybe I will. Here.

ANYWAY, a comment I made this morning got the little gay hamsters in my head trolling around on their wheels. What’s ole Sylvia Lovely up to these days?

I’ve uncovered all kinds of goodies – including videos – of Miss Sylvia.

CLICK HERE to visit Page One for all the details…

Jack Conway Has A Problem On His Hands

Posted this on Page One, yes, but it’s important for Louisvillians to see that Republicans aren’t the only ones to run quickly at defeat – Democrats can do it, too.

That’s from a WAVE3 story in Louisville last night about Rand Paul’s appearance at a teabagger rally.

How many times is it now that Spokesperson Allison Haley and Consultant/Assistant Treasurer/Lobbyist Mark Riddle have lied, screwed up or just full-on didn’t return important calls?

That’s the kind of press you get when you do things like that – the station talks about how you’re down in the polls.

Ugh. Just when you think things are headed in the right direction.

Everybody’s On A Four-Day Weekend, It Seems

Two very important awesome evening things. Really. Very important. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Everybody is just so mad that Ken Herndon isn’t on the council. [Fat Lip]

State government budget cuts are ready to roll into action. The budget director sent a fancy letter to cabinet heads yesterday. [Page One]

Yesterday Papaw Governor Steve Besehar appointed Mary Gwen Wheeler to the State Board of Education. Chatter amongst yourselves. [Press Release]

Farmers’ markets accepting food stamps? Yes, please. I think that’s something we can all support.

Todd Lally claims a poll done by “Derby City Polls” has him at 43, John Yarmuth at 44 with 13% undecided. Hahaha. [Announced On Facebook]

Embargoed by the White House until 12:01 A.M. this morning: Thacker-Grigsby Telephone Company, Inc won $7.4 million to deploy a fiber-optic network in portions of Breathitt County. 3,000 people, 60 businesses and 34 community institutions stand to benefit from the project. [Click the Clicky]

Maybe you should head down to East Market tonight for this local artists thing. [Consuming Louisville]

Louisville allegedly has one of the most thriving stand-up comedy scenes in the country. [LEO Weekly]

The National Conference of State Legislatures is coming to Louisville this month. Greg Stumbo & David Williams have recorded a welcome video. [Page One]