Greg Fischer Afraid Of “Burning Mental Calories”

Haha, jeeez, we can’t make this stuff up.

Here’s the latest from LEO Weekly’s America-Hater, Phillip Bailey:

Whenever a conversation about the $4.1 billion Ohio River Bridges Project rears its ugly head in the race for mayor of Louisville, Democrat Greg Fischer does a good job of bobbing and weaving.

In a recent interview on 84 WHAS radio, the Louisville businessman took the recumbent position when asked about tolling as a means to pay for the behemoth public works project, which includes building an East End bridge, a downtown bridge and re-configuring Spaghetti Junction.

“Let’s see what it’s going to cost, let’s see what the final recommendation comes to before we really burn a lot a mental calories,” Fischer told radio personality Mandy Connell. “There’s a lot of people that are excited about something that may not occur.”


“We’re not too concerned about burning mental calories around here. We believe that’s what a campaign is all about,” says Joe Burgan, Heiner’s campaign manager.


“Fischer needs to burn more calories addressing the financial plan, definitely,” Green says. “Right now, it’s a multi-billion dollar project that neglects the fact that Louisville needs to catch up to other cities in terms of public transit. Louisville needs a world-class system that will serve our employees, our consumers and
our children.”

Really, click here to read the rest. But put on your adult undergarment to protect against laughter-related accidents.

U.S. Senate Catfighting Makes Us Kentucky Proud

You should help me provide kids in rural Kentucky with some books. It’ll change their lives and improve their education. And you don’t have to agree with me political in order to help or offer suggestions. You just have to care about the future of Kentucky’s youth. [Page One]

Louisville is nothing but a bunch of Frainch frogs! [WFPL]

On Monday, First Lady Jane Beshear released her summer reading list: Summer Reading Is Killing Me!, Tuck Everlasting, The Outsiders, Island of the Blue Dolphins, Slow Down for Manatees, Riddle of the Reef, Mountains Beyond Mountains, Gods of Manhattan, When Zachary Beaver Came to Town, Scat. [Press Release]

Kentucky’s June/fourth quarter receipts are a nightmare to behold. [Page One]

Remember the “journalist” that receives a rent-free apartment from a batshiz insane political blowhard in exchange for positive press? You know, the person shaking down PR execs and such for cash in exchange for coverage. Legitimate journalists or anybody with credibility on any level doesn’t do crap like that. Television stations should think twice about situations like this if they don’t want to slip further down the wormhole. [Deep Thoughts]

The Hitchcock summer series is returning to the Louisville Palace. Tickets are five bucks when purchased at the box office or it’s $42 for a season pass, a $2 discount on each show. [Consuming Louisville]

Habitat for Humanity of Metro Louisville has been selected to take part in a neighborhood revitalization program. [Fat Lip]

If you read Page One on a regular basis, you’re familiar with the catfighting between Daniel Mongiardo and Jack Conway. This isn’t about money, though Conway knew fully well that Mongiardo was promised cash. It’s about Daniel Mongiardo thinking he’s the anointed one, that he’s owed something, that everything should fall in his lap because he deserves it. [Joe Arnold]

Ted Koppel was in town yesterday. You go listen to him? [84WHAS]

Yarmuth’s Got $1 Million For Re-Election

John Yarmuth’s re-election campaign just announced that he’s raised $1 million toward re-election

According to a press release, he’s raised $200K since April 1 and has $600K on-hand.

“Thanks to the support of the Louisville community, I am confident that Congressman Yarmuth will have every resource needed to discuss his fight to revitalize the economy, bring more good jobs to Louisville, and increase access to affordable, quality health care,” said Elizabeth Sawyer, Yarmuth’s campaign manager. “Louisvillians want him to keep fighting for their priorities in Congress, and he’s right on track for another big win in November.”

Judicial Candidates Can Now Be Openly Partisan

Oh, looky there:

A federal appeals court has struck down a ban on political party affiliations for judicial candidates in Kentucky, but ordered a lower court to further consider whether candidates can commit to positions on issues.

The ruling, issued Tuesday by the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati, clears the way for would-be judges in Kentucky to identify themselves as whatever party they choose and solicit campaign contributions.

That’s sure to improve the judicial system.

Please, hold back your puke, folks.

Louisville Thankful For Lexington Mayor Jim Newberry’s Crazy Corruption Distraction

Louisville didn’t make the list of Top 100 American cities to live in, but Owensboro came in at 93. [CNN Money]

Mean old librul John Yarmuth says a jobless benefits extension is crucial for Kentucky’s economy. How dare he try to take care of our working folks! [WFPL]

If Todd Blue sells the Iron Quarter to Gill Holland, I’m betting the price won’t be anywhere near $15 million. Just saying. And Holland would probably be the best person in the city to save the properties. Despite my obvious bias, no one can say his rescue of East Market has been anything but remarkable. Time for the city to get behind him. [Downtown Deep Thoughts]

JCPS teachers and employees are getting a 1% raise. 75% of the JCPS budget comes from local funds. So that means you’re picking up the tab while state employees get to deal with six furlough days. [WHAS11]

The jury pool has narrowed for the Sypher-Pitino extortion trial. [FOX41]

A new survey reveals problem areas for JCPS. Funny how there’s no mention of the board & Berman’s corrupt attempt at secrecy. [WAVE3]

The City of Jeffersonville will offer neighborhood-level leadership training following a vote from the council. You Indiana people excited?  Remember when Louisville used to care about neighborhoods? [PDF Link]

Jake is apparently writing by-lines for a A Kentucky Newspaper these days. [Page One]

Oh, what? Another Young Republican leader (Brian Simpson’s campaign manager) had a racist slip-up on Twitter? And then came up with three different stories to explain it away? You don’t say. [More Page One]

A retired risk management worker in Lexington is speaking out about the Jim Newberry corruption merry-go-round. [B&P]

All The Cool Kids Are Listening To The Pass

Yeah, I know I’ve linked to this a couple of times, but seeing it again on Backseat Sandbar:

So my brother directed another music video for Louisville’s The Pass. Check it out. I was skeptical at first, but then I realized how hard it must have been to synch up that old footage. Plus the song is great. It is “Treatment of the Sun,” one of the track from their new album coming out this Fall (it’s going to be called Burst). I’ve heard a lot of the album and, while this song is great, there is a lot more left to come.

Has motivated me to post it again:

Plus I’m trying to navigate our nation’s airports after a crazy delay on the tarmac for ONE MILLION HOURS OH GOD.

Moral of the story: Louisville’s got great music.

This concludes your gay (okay, probably not as gay as Charlie Crist) Monday afternoon time waster post.