Noticeable Changes At Louisville’s WHAS11

We hear WHAS11’s station manager has moved Jamie Martin to the weekend shift with a take it or leave it offer. Cost-cutting move? That’s exactly what happened with Ken Schultz.

Martin has been at the station for about five years and was allegedly making more than fellow meteorologist Ben Pine, who has been there for just a couple years.

If moves like this with semi-newbies are constantly going down… we can’t help but wonder if the few remaining veterans at the station are safe.

Sent emails requesting comment but received no response. Interestingly, emails sent discussing something random received responses.

12 thoughts on “Noticeable Changes At Louisville’s WHAS11

  1. The only ones left are Gary, Melissa and buckhead (Doug Profitt). None of their reporters have more than three years on the job. And the only assignment editor is Steve Duncan. Looks like they are trying to sell the place.

  2. So Reed Yadon will no longer do any weather?

    These days Gary is only a “fill-in” for anchors on vacation or assignment, I thought – other than those teacher awards.

    I like Pine’s work better than Martin’s, but that doesn’t excuse a company’s insults to seasoned employees. And I liked – & trusted – Ken S. more than any of the folks they now have on the air. Ken & Mark were their main draw, IMO.

  3. Ken Schultz was the only reason I watched WHAS.
    Now I think cal news although the national international stories are FOX and not to be trusted.
    Mr. Lamb’s commentaries are a waste.

  4. FYI It’s “buckethead” not “buckhead” … and Doug Proffitt is the best thing that station has had to offer for years. WHAS has been doing this for a long time and so has every other station in this market including WDRB (Don Schroeder, anyone?). It’s the business and it’s probably only going to get worse.

  5. Correctamundo, news junkie! The days of the incredibly overpaid, mindless talking head, mercifully, are numbered.

    A quarter million dollars is too much to pay even the most seasoned readers — especially if they can’t command that much “across the street”.

    It’s the end of absurdly high anchor salaries as we knew them — and the folks who do the heavy lifting (producers, assignment editors, reporters, videographers, etc.) feel fine.

  6. I quit watching 11 when Schultz left and station management didn’t live up to the agreement with other stations on the broadcasting of Thunder. WAVE has a much better presentation, and HD on WAVE and WDRB makes 11 and 32 look pathetic.

  7. So much for job security! Jamie Martin is the best weather person on WHAS. He doesn’t deserve to be treated so shabbily. Of course, you did it to Ken Shultz. Why don’t you send Monte Webb back to wherever you got him if you want to save money? WHAS is a sorry excuse for a TV station. Long live FOX 41

  8. I will no longer watch WHAS11. I used to love the morning news with Jamie, Rachel and Andy. They made me laugh every morning. I hope he lands on another station soon.

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