More Scandal Coming Greg Fischer’s Way?

Check this out:

Chris Bizzacco -> This former chief of staff of Providence Mayor David Cicilline will soon be running one of the biggest Mayor’s races in the 2010 election cycle. Bizzacco will be running the campaign of Greg Fischer, the Democratic nominee for Mayor of Louisville. This is Bizzacco’s first entrance back into the political arena since leaving Providence City Hall to attend Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and thereafter being interviewd by the State Police for the check-cashing scandal involving the Mayor’s brother.

The more I think things could be changing, the more they stay the same.

10 thoughts on “More Scandal Coming Greg Fischer’s Way?

  1. Why hire someone from Providence when he could get his brother can wrangle him onto a floating dock, tag him, take a blood sample, and send him off in the new political direction.

    They can squeeze the whole photo-op in during the upcoming Shark Week.

  2. The Providence Mayor’s have been involved with scandals for decades.

    Please review attend vs graduated from Harvard…..

  3. Questions:
    1. Who selected this Bizzaco guy?
    2. I thought Poynter was to run the campaign.
    3. What is Bizzaco’s experience in running a campaign?
    4. Has Bizzaco been promised a job, like apparently Chief White has?
    5. Who are the 130 people who provided input (or whatever) in Fischer’s primary campaign and what was their advice?

  4. I sure hope the Dumbing down of Louisville isn’t comming, If people want a change they have to pay attention and quit making the same stupid mistakes &quit listening to the same old BS.

  5. Unfortunately, I think the dumbing down is occurring under the so called leadership of people like Steven Daeschner and Sheldon Berman

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