Louisville Must Be Filled With Crazed Perverts

Wanna be part of the Louisville Botanical Garden & Conservatory? Here’s your opportunity. [Consuming Louisville]

Who do you trust on Wall Street Reform? Jim Bunning or John Yarmuth? [Joe Arnold]

Apparently, I’m the devil for not talking about My Morning Jacket’s planned show at the arena in October. So here’s a link for you. [Backseat Sandbar]

Jackie Green says he’s unhappy with the number of folks who have invited him to mayoral forums. So maybe he should try interacting with the press and organizations that hold these events? Just a thought. Because no one seems to think he’s running a real campaign. [Everywhere You Look Today]

Greg Fischer doesn’t seem to be able to take a position on bridge tolling. Hal Heiner tells you where he stands. What’s your take? [Fischer & Heiner]

Just in case you need a refresher on where the mayoral candidates stand on tolling (taxing) the crap out of the bridges you drive on every day. [WFPL]

Did you catch Baby High on MTV last night? Thoughts on Louisville’s unique program? [Page One]

If you’re a pervert driving a gold minivan in Louisville, you’re likely to be caught soon. Trying to snatch up little kids isn’t going to fly. [WAVE3]

Also, if you perverts could stop frequenting daycare centers? That would be great. [FOX41]

2 thoughts on “Louisville Must Be Filled With Crazed Perverts

  1. The Louisville Botanical Garden is a great idea, but are “young Louisvillians” the only ones welcome and do they have the corner on great ideas?????

  2. TAPP is one of the most helpful programs ever developed here and fortunately incoming superintendents have not been able to kill it as they have other programs developed by their predecessors.

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