Jack Conway Has A Problem On His Hands

Posted this on Page One, yes, but it’s important for Louisvillians to see that Republicans aren’t the only ones to run quickly at defeat – Democrats can do it, too.

That’s from a WAVE3 story in Louisville last night about Rand Paul’s appearance at a teabagger rally.

How many times is it now that Spokesperson Allison Haley and Consultant/Assistant Treasurer/Lobbyist Mark Riddle have lied, screwed up or just full-on didn’t return important calls?

That’s the kind of press you get when you do things like that – the station talks about how you’re down in the polls.

Ugh. Just when you think things are headed in the right direction.

1 thought on “Jack Conway Has A Problem On His Hands

  1. I bet dr paul wins this race and i say this because kentucky is a conservative state so we shall see but i dont think conway can win!!!

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