It Is Un-American To Hate Beer, So Drink Up!

Is the city practicing selective ABC enforcement in Germantown? Probably. Because ABC isn’t targeting establishments in other parts of the city that cater to older crowds. I’d like to see proof of complaints of Nachbar and Swan Dive. [LEO Weekly]

Just a reminder that the JCPS board’s secret evaluation of Sheldon Berman will take place tomorrow. [WFPL]

Today First Lady Jane Beshear will re-launch Kentucky’s appliance rebate program with a kick-off speech at Louisville’s GE Appliance Park. [Press Release]

Sixteen jurors have finally been seated in the Pitino-Sypher sexytime extortion case. [H-L]

In yet another ridiculous interview, Daniel WATB Mongiardo is claiming he isn’t sure he “trusts” Jack Conway and therefore isn’t sure he can endorse him. Oh, and according to Conway and Mongiardo people – it was Lt. Dan himself who brought up the idea of someone else paying off HIS debt. There WAS an agreement and Jack Conway needs to admit it. He must think there weren’t people sitting behind him (my attorneys and four filmmakers) in that coffee shop with us. Both Daniel & Jack need to stop acting like pissy little girls. [A Kentucky Newspaper]

Last night, President Barack Obama nominated James Edward Clark to be U.S. Marshal for the Western District of Kentucky. [Press Release]

I’ve never understood how people could text and drive. Beginning January 1, 2011, that’ll be illegal. Too bad it’s only a $25 fine. [H-L]

Michelle Jones, noted America-Hater because she doesn’t like beer, has a story about Homebrewing Night at the Louisville Beer Store. It’s tonight from 6:00 P.M. to close. [Consuming Louisville]

Obviously, this website isn’t part of LMPD. But I know dozens of officers who read and comment there. Take a look at what they think about the latest news from Atlanta. []

Looks like A Kentucky Newspaper is going to become even more cookie cutter and regurgitated. Hot. Maybe I’ll eventually have give in, now that we’ve got this news, to the C-J reporters begging me to link to their stories again. [WFPL]

8 thoughts on “It Is Un-American To Hate Beer, So Drink Up!

  1. Concerning the Germantown pub story, the LEO does very poor research talking about the triangle of agencies to deal with. They mention ABC, Board of Zoning Adjustment and Inspections, Permits and Licenses. They are all one in the same, Jim Mims is the Director of Codes and Regulations, Mr. Smith and Ms. Robbins report directly to Mr. Mims, the Board of Zoning Adjustment is a board under Planning and Design Services which is also part of Codes and Regulations. All these people meet once a week.

    There is no such thing as a Non Conforming Rights permits. Either you have it or you don’t. What is going on here is after the smoking ban passed it ran people outside, bars in C-1 were non conforming, if you expand your area to the outside you have expanded your business in violation of the non conforming rights. It’s exactly the same requirements that you are up in arms over Swift violating, there is no difference. So if Swift is in violation then these bars are in violation.

  2. HAHA – yeah – these Germantown bars have Chris Sanders and union thugs backing them because a billionaire foreign corporation trashes the shit out of Butchertown in the interest of higher earnings.

  3. No it’s the same law you’re asking to be enforced, Swift can not expand, it is non conforming. Period, you are correct and have always been right on this issue.

    But neither can these bar owners, you can’t pick and chose where to enforce the same law and where not to enforce.

  4. I just spent 4 days exploring our nation’s capital. In July. With heat and tourists. I’d say that’s pretty good evidence of my love for America and again I say, I drink bourbon the only real American spirit.

  5. jake, i really love reading your blog and want to continue…please refrain from using sexist phrases, such as “pissy little girls.” there are plenty of other phrases you could have used to descibe conway and mongiardo’s feud without referring to them as girls – alluding to their actions as feminine…thanks for the consideration.

  6. Appreciate the feedback, but I don’t make considerations for anyone. That’s a phrase I regularly use on Page One and that’s exactly how Jack & Dan are coming across– like two pissy little girls fighting over a Barbie. Or two pissy little gay boys fighting over the remote because one wants to watch Talk Soup and the other wants to watch Real Housewitches of Hotlanta.

  7. It’s a gross oversimplification to say that a nonconforming use cannot expand. There are exceptions to that blanket statement. Moreover, whether outdoor consumption of alcohol is an unlawful expansion is a question for BOZA to resolve upon an examination of the facts in relation to the law as it existed a the time the uses started.
    They can always file for a CUP as well.

  8. And whether IPL can pick and choose whether it where and when it wants to enforce the law is open for debate. They can as long as it isn’t motivated by a personal animus, bias, etc. against the person the law is being applied against.

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