Horrible News: Fairdale Bigfoot Is Retiring!

OH NOES: Look!

Now look, in all seriousness humans, Fairdale Bigfoot has an important message. Fairdale Bigfoot has been doing some thinking, and it’s time to take a break. These last ten months have been fantastic, but Fairdale Bigfoot needs time to romp in the woods. Fairdale Bigfoot has enjoyed solving all of your embarrassing but hilarious personal problems, and if you are still troubled, Fairdale Bigfoot will write ten more columns, one every Thursday, to round out one solid year of half-assed but wholeheartedly sincere advice. In these modern times, no retirement is permanent, and perhaps one day Fairdale Bigfoot will rise like a phoenix (or Jay-Z) and write again, but for now, you have ten weeks.

So please, humans, send your questions to Fairdale Bigfoot before the end of September.

An entire metropolitan area weeps!

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