Greg Fischer Scared, Already Going Negative

You don’t have to take my word for it. Greg Fischer is afraid he’s about to lose to Hal Heiner and he’s already going negative.

The latest from LEO Weekly’s Phillip Bailey:

While Fischer has pledged not to use negative television ads or mailers, sources say his campaign is conducting a poll to question voters about the fact that Heiner opposed the Fairness ordinance, has scoffed at global warming and is a Metro government insider.


It’s a vote the Fischer campaign is likely to highlight, but Joe Burgan, Heiner’s campaign manager, says that as mayor, Heiner will enforce the [Fairness] ordinance.


According to political observers, the injection of buzzwords, state politics and Rand Paul into the race this early indicates the Louisville businessman is a bit worried that his GOP opponent could be outpacing him, even though Democrats outnumber registered Republican voters two-to-one in Louisville.

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While Fairness is a big damn deal, so is the bridges debacle. So is fudging reality surrounding a patent that Greg’s daddy bought him. So’s outright lying to the public about an award. So’s going after the livelihood of critics. So’s hiring nothing but family and non-Louisvillians for a campaign. So’s continuing the good old boy network of Jerry Abramson.

7 thoughts on “Greg Fischer Scared, Already Going Negative

  1. Fairness is a big deal but no one from the GLBTQ or any other community is even going to want to live downtown if the ORBP goes through.

  2. What progressive politicians and the GLBTQ community need to understand is that if the current design of the downtown ORBP is built Louisville will not be able to attract and retain talented, educated, and open-minded citizens. By supporting the economy crushing boondogle known as the downtown ORBP politicians like John Yarmuth are insuring that Louisville will not elect political progressives in the future.

  3. ““The reality is Greg Fischer and Hal Heiner are two very different people. Their world views are very different,” says Chris Poynter, a Fischer campaign spokesman. “Greg is centrist, and always has been. Hal tends to be outside the mainstream of Louisville.”

    Really Chris? The same Greg Fischer who supported the library tax – the same tax that the “mainstream” in Louisville soundly defeated. The same Greg Fischer who’s views on the bridge project seem squarely against what many believe to be sound fiscal policy? The same Greg Fischer who looked Palin-esque when answering a question about marijuana?

    Someone has spent way too long around the Abramson and his cronies.

  4. Jake: Now that Chris Poynter is ‘entering the debate’ by defending the Fischer ‘kid’ — is he fair game? You didn’t think so before. Seems like he’s fair game to me — in every respect. How ’bout you?

  5. I’m with Steve and agree with the analysis he linked.

    If by calling Heiner an “insider” River Fields Fischer means Heiner knows how many people live in Louisville, knows the size of the budget, and is on the TV Fischer watches to learn how Metro Hall works…then if I were Heiner, I would thank Fischer for the compliment.

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