Greg Fischer On Bridge Tolling

Greg Fischer’s mayoral campaign just released the following statement:

“We need to build the bridges and to create the thousands of jobs that come with it – but a $3 toll is simply too much,” Fischer said.

Fischer’s campaign did not indicate what he believes is a reasonable toll amount. $2.00? $2.50?

How about NO TOLLS?

9 thoughts on “Greg Fischer On Bridge Tolling

  1. But look at this quote from A KENTUCKY NEWSPAPER:

    “The three entities estimate that a mix of traditional federal financing, such as gasoline tax, and special federal funds, such as an upcoming round of stimulus grants, would pay for the other half.”

    Ummm, well, if the project is reduced to take out the tunnel and most of the downtown stuff, tolls aren’t needed. They just proved the point of many tolling and other ORBP critics in the area.

  2. No way the Tolls are a good idea!…..Good God!….$6.00 to go to Indiana and back?…NO WAY……

  3. Absolutely Bruce. The reason they want to have the high tolls is so they can sell the rights off to international investors, just like Mitch Daniels did in Indiana and get a big influx of immediate cash.

    The new scam is to sell off structured payments to basically liquidate future administrations of structured income.

  4. We need the east end bridge but do not need the downtown bridge. A second bridge, if we need one, should go downstream of the Sherman Minton.

    Why is Fischer so out of touch with the needs of Louisville and its citizens?

  5. It is clear to me that the Bridges Authority is floating the $3 # so that when the real # comes around $1.50 it does not sound as bad in comparison. It is a classic strategy to prepare people for bad news by telling them the worst case scenario. No doubt their new PR firm told them to take this strategy. The real problem is that we are being asked to pay tolls for something (the current downtown ORBP) that will destroy Louisville’s ability to compete in the 21st century & beyond.

  6. Stu, I’ve been thinking the exact same thing.

    Our message back to them should probably be “One dollar is too much to pay for tolls on bridges we’ve already paid for!”

    Eclipse their future position.

  7. Greg Fisher and his River Fields freinds want a stalemate. By supporting the weighted down project, while rejecting tolls you get no bridges, and no East End Bridge is what Fisher and RFields want.

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