Green Still Can’t Spell, Follow The Law

Ugh. Okay. I’ve given Jackie Green the benefit of the doubt for long enough.

When will the man get it? Communication from his campaign requires a paid for by disclaimer. He’s still not including it.

And check out his latest email blast:

Iroquois isn’t that difficult to spell. Or using spellcheck – available in nearly every web browser and every googlebox on earth – would suffice.

It’s embarrassing that things like this continue to happen.

Head – desk.

10 thoughts on “Green Still Can’t Spell, Follow The Law

  1. Other errors include the fact that the $10 charge only applies to the evening concerts tonight and on Saturday night, and the $10 fee is a “suggested donation” with all proceeds going to the artists — if you can’t pay, come anyway. The Saturday daytime events are free. There will be places that you can donate canned goods as well.
    What you will find between 12 and 2pm is the Kentucky State Dulcimer Championships. The winner gets a new dulcimer and a trip to the national championship in Kansas.
    From 2pm to 2:25pm (times tentative) you get the Louisville Dulcimer Society playing several tunes. If you attend, you will get a chance to see me play on stage as I am a member of this group. My wife is the one responsible for choosing our songs and leading us. After 2:25, other dulcimer clubs will play. I think the Corydon group is really great, although lately they’ve been concentrating on songs involving chickens.

  2. He’s going with the “common man” theme. See, most people in Louisville probably can’t spell Iroquios or amphitheater. He’s showing us that he’s just one of the common folk.

    Or, that’s how he should spin it. “I don’t spend no money on no fancy spell checkers”

  3. Just got back from the Friday concert. Great music. Looking forward to Saturday. Hope to see you all there.
    During one of the intermissions, they praised Dan Johnson for giving some of his “discretionary funds” (read “our tax money”) to pay for the rental of Iroquois Amphitheater. They gave him a chance to speak and he used that time to mention “mayoral candidate Greg Fischer.” Somehow, I don’t think that was appropriate since if he hadn’t given them some of our money he would not have been given the time to speak, so in effect, our tax money just paid for a Fischer ad.
    Looking forward to possibly meeting Jackie Green and talking with him. I’ve never met him before.

  4. For those keeping track, I spotted one Jackie Green shirt (although I saw someone else also handing out his literature). [This was at 1:30pm as I was not there at noon.] Perhaps the fact that the sound system wasn’t working, and the dulcimer competition moved indoors reduced the Green attendance. Unfortunately, the Kentucky State Dulcimer champion is a South Carolinian, but a great Louisville Dulcimer Society member came in third.
    In the evening, Greg Fischer did speak before the crowd of about 500, and there were two people with Fischer shirts, neither handing out literature. Very lukewarm reception, most people I talked to agreeing with me that it was VERY inappropriate for him to be there. I don’t think it won him any votes.

  5. Steve, this wasn’t supposed to be a political event. Greg Fischer had NOTHING to do with the event, and he was only there to advertise that he was running for mayor. I don’t mind him doing what Jackie Green’s people did and work the crowd, but the KMW management should not have allowed him to speak from the stage microphone. He had a “captive audience” that wasn’t expecting a political appearance.
    And before you ask, yes I would have had problems if Hal Heiner had spoken there (unless they all were given equal time, and even then, it interupted the music).

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