Governor Beshear’s Weekly Video Address

This week Governor Steve Beshear spends 3:03 discussing Transforming Education in Kentucky (TEK).

He says he’s made education his top priority. And I guess that’s why he’s focused 80% of his time on three failed gambling proposals, 10% of his time on getting re-elected and the other 10% cutting and wasting educational funds left and right.

Not to mention – he’s not done a damn thing to stop the corruption at the University of Louisville, University of Kentucky or with Sheldon Berman at JCPS.

1 thought on “Governor Beshear’s Weekly Video Address

  1. They need to stop corruption at these state schools especially the University of Louisville which is one of the most corrupt universities around. Talk about a system of patronage and giveaways. Same with their forcing doctors out, the Felner scandal, and so much more. There have been pages of this blog and comments detailing it. I sometimes marvel what the bureaucrats in the KY government are doing about these issues when there is all kinds of audits and investigations that need to be done.

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