Dave Jennings Joins Afternoon Underdogs

Dave Jennings, popular personality from the Joe B. & Denny Show will join Tony Vanetti on the even more popular show Afternoon Underdogs (they’re also on Facebook) on Sports Radio 790 / 101-7 WKRD.

From a Clear Channel press release:

Announcing the new appointment, Clear Channel Louisville Market President Bill Gentry said, “Dave’s disturbed sense of humor matches up well with Tony’s. Plus, Tony could use some adult supervision.”

Jennings commented: “I’m looking forward to tapping into Tony’s keen sports mind. Once I get past the foam, of course.”

Tony Vanetti warmly welcomed his new partner to the Afternoon Underdogs show: “I’ve been hosting this show alone for three months, and this is the best they could do? Really?”

You sports nerds excited?

Jennings starts on July 26th, replacing Adam Neft.

12 thoughts on “Dave Jennings Joins Afternoon Underdogs

  1. Dave is great on the morning Joe B and never there Denny show. Dave will be great in this spot. He has earned it. Good luck Dave.

  2. Would have preferred Matt Jones. Unfortunately Tom Jurich, in all his wisdom, didn’t think us peasants were ready for that type of banter.

    Thanks for looking out for us, Tom!

  3. Hopefully there won’t be so much yelling on that show anymore. I often had to change the channel.

  4. I Like listening to Tony V……always entertaining and he’s always be one of the Best local guys in the market at everything he’s done. And they are correct He does need Adult Supervision!

    Ya Gotta Love Vanetti !

  5. I’m glad Jennings got the gig. Seems to do a solid job and has a pretty witty sense of humor. He certainly seems to have paid his dues with all of the crappy fill-in shifts.

  6. Vanetti, Deiner (on the Morning Dogs) and now Jennings remind me of my collegiate radio station. 90% of their ‘stint’ is about the local university. It’s almost as if Louisville is so removed from the Wide World of Sport that the only thing we can hear on 79 is stuff about “the cards.” I’m turning it off more and more. I’m interested in sports but not the kind that a collegiate radio station puts out.

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