A Kentucky Newspaper White Washes Again

What do you mean LEO Weekly has a lot to say about $6 tolls and the ignorance of A Kentucky Newspaper?

Here’s the latest:

For something they laud as Louisville’s “most important civic undertaking,” the C-J alumni/operatives didn’t ask one question about the project during last night’s mayoral “debate,” which served as yet another opportunity to marginalize the views of independent candidate Jackie Green, who brought up the topic only during his closing remarks.

But then, if they’ve got the guns, then they ask — or refrain from asking — any goddamn question they want, end of story. We’ll be the ones charged with digging that hole while the elite, gun-wielding champions of the project, many of whom stand to personally benefit from the project’s never-ending bloat, allegedly intimidate the project’s opponents. Therefore we shouldn’t “burn too many mental calories” over this, and instead acquiesce to the controlling business interests that want to keep the Abramson machinery intact and push this gargantuan scheme into fruition. From the C-J’s point of view, this is not only the smart thing to do: It’s the inevitable thing to do. That’s why we should invite Wall Street to engineer a financing mechanism to “test pilot programs in how to raise revenue.”

Don’t worry! Nothing to see here!

Click here to read the rest from Jonathan Meador, because he will likely be “disappeared” by River Fields in 3, 2…

1 thought on “A Kentucky Newspaper White Washes Again

  1. I just don’t get the C-J’s Hitchcockian obsession with the so-called “bridges project.” They have yet to make any rational, logical case for it (probably because there isn’t one), yet they hammer people like Jackie Green and Tyler Allen as “childish” and “not ready for prime time.”

    Does the management staff own investments in bridge companies?

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