¡ALERTA! Stop The Presses! Important Announcement!

SportsRadio 790 / WKRD just announced that Tony Cruise will join the Joe B. & Denny Show.

Announcing the new appointment, Clear Channel Louisville Market President Bill Gentry said, “We think Tony will be a great addition to the Joe B. & Denny chemistry. With the experience these three guys have, they’ll never run out of fun stories to share.”

Cruise commented: “”It’s incredible to think about being a young man watching two outstanding coaches, and now have an opportunity to work with Joe B. and Denny. I’m honored to share a studio with two men who were all-time greats on the court, and are true gentleman off the court.”

All kidding aside, Tony is pretty awesome. And he’ll likely make that show a lot more valuable.

2 thoughts on “¡ALERTA! Stop The Presses! Important Announcement!

  1. I think he’ll do very well that environment. I still think he doesn’t have a grasp of political and policy issues to conduct hard news interviews in a commanding way. He still sounds a little awkward interviewing a national political figure.

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