Oh, Sylvia, The Gift That Keeps On Enraging

Remember Sylvia Lovely? She swindled how much from the Kentucky League of Cities? And she’s still rolling around in that fancy BMW.

I won’t even bother linking to that awesome resignation letter of hers in which she refers to herself as the “Britney Spears of the Bluegrass.” Okay, maybe I will. Here.

ANYWAY, a comment I made this morning got the little gay hamsters in my head trolling around on their wheels. What’s ole Sylvia Lovely up to these days?

I’ve uncovered all kinds of goodies – including videos – of Miss Sylvia.

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One thought on “Oh, Sylvia, The Gift That Keeps On Enraging

  1. OMG! Is she, like, the Queen of Cloud Cuckoo Land, or what?

    How many percosets a day d’ya think it takes to main that level of disconnect from reality, y’all?

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