Second Annual Golden Poo Awards: Day 5

Welcome to day 5 of the Second Annual Golden Poo Awards in honor of our third anniversary. Ten lucky winners will receive a fancy pile of golden poo. And you, our terrific readers, are going to help give the awards.

See how great the poo is? Everybody wants it, just because, amen.

Which elected/public officials, candidates, reporters, public figures and so forth are absolutely full of it? Your input is needed!

Each day for the next however (it’s tough to count) many days, we’ll announce a new award category and you’ll submit an unlimited number of nominees.

Previous Categories:

  • Day 1: Person Responsible For Legislation (or Legislation-Related Mess) Requiring the Most Lubricant
  • Day 2: Reporter Most Likely To Make You Kick Your Television, Burn Your Newspaper, Smash Your Radio Or Toss Your Computer
  • Day 3: Most Pee-Worthy Abuse Of Twitter By A Political Figure Acting Like A 12-Year-Old Girl
  • Day 4: Politician Most Likely To Be Investigated Or Indicted In The Next 12 Months

Be sure to nominate someone for those categories.

After all nominations are received for all announced categories, we’ll announce the winners and send the golden piles of magic along to eagerly awaiting recipients. Please remember to make your nomination as scandalous and inappropriate as possible.

Today’s category is:

Worst Example Of Total Incompetence From A Local Or State Official In An Appointed Post

Submit your nomination – along with your reasoning (this is required) – by CLICKING HERE. Keep it hilarious.

¡ALERTA! Stop The Presses! Important Announcement!

SportsRadio 790 / WKRD just announced that Tony Cruise will join the Joe B. & Denny Show.

Announcing the new appointment, Clear Channel Louisville Market President Bill Gentry said, “We think Tony will be a great addition to the Joe B. & Denny chemistry. With the experience these three guys have, they’ll never run out of fun stories to share.”

Cruise commented: “”It’s incredible to think about being a young man watching two outstanding coaches, and now have an opportunity to work with Joe B. and Denny. I’m honored to share a studio with two men who were all-time greats on the court, and are true gentleman off the court.”

All kidding aside, Tony is pretty awesome. And he’ll likely make that show a lot more valuable.

2nd Annual NuLu Fest Announced For Oct 2

The East Market District just announced that the Second Annual NuLu Festival will take place on Saturday, October 2 from 2:00 P.M. to 11:00 P.M. It’s fun, free and great for the entire family. That is, if you enjoy all things local… like live music (like Love Jones, Lucky Pineapple, The Fervor, The Instruction and THE PASS!), micro-brewed beer, food food food and shopping.

From the release:

For 2010, NuLu Festival has also been named the “Official After-Party” for Louisville’s Idea Festival, a gathering of innovators and thinkers from around the world who discuss and celebrate imagination, new perspectives and transformational ideas. Idea Festival participants will be encouraged to attend the NuLu Festival to enjoy living, working examples of leading edge innovators in the Louisville community.

Sponsors for this year’s NuLu Festival include the Idea Festival, Experience Louisville, sonaBLAST! Records, Interactive Media Lab, Public Radio Partnership, Louisville Beer Store, Java Brewing Co., 732 Social, Creation Gardens, Stock Yards Bank, Bargain Supply, JEB Advertising, Residence Inn, Crushed Ice Events, The Pepper Group, Gebhardt-Marshall Gallery , Home of the Innocents, Hunt Tractor, Bill Marzian, Bays Boutique, A N Roth, and Action Graphics.

Can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait.

Green Still Can’t Spell, Follow The Law

Ugh. Okay. I’ve given Jackie Green the benefit of the doubt for long enough.

When will the man get it? Communication from his campaign requires a paid for by disclaimer. He’s still not including it.

And check out his latest email blast:

Iroquois isn’t that difficult to spell. Or using spellcheck – available in nearly every web browser and every googlebox on earth – would suffice.

It’s embarrassing that things like this continue to happen.

Head – desk.

Nuts n Stuff Celebrates 25 Wonderful Years

Nuts N Stuff, my absolute favorite place, is celebrating 25 years in Louisville. 25 years! That is major. 25 years of serving Louisville’s cooks and foodies.

On Saturday, August 7, the store will have a celebration from 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. They’ll offer samples and tastings in honor of keeping Louisville weird.

Stop by! Help them stick around another 25 years.