Where’s Doug Hawkins To Protect Us From Bears?

Did mean old Joe Biden try to ruin everybody by turning off the fans? How mean of Joe Biden. Why does he hate America? [Joe Arnold]

Churchill Downs has – wait for it – released an iPhone app for the HullabaLOU festival. We’re biting our tongues re: this one. [This Link Loads iTunes]

Teabaggers in Southern Indiana just cold got into a fight when Joe Biden came to town. [Fox41]

Car-Free Happy Hour is today at Dragon King’s Daughter. 5:30 – 8:00 P.M. [Broken Sidewalk]

The Iron Quarter properties were officially declared landmarks last night. [WAVE3]

Why didn’t Joe Biden call anybody in Louisville a smartass? What a let down. [Wonkette]

Rand Paul attended the Christian Home Schoolers Conference on Friday. Surprisingly, the Democrats didn’t send a tracker or staffer to listen to what he said. But we sent a videographer who captured some quite interesting comments. [Page One]

Seen Anchorman? Then you know what’s attracting bears to the Red River Gorge and Natural Bridge State Park. Where is Doug Hawkins? He needs to protect us all. [H-L]

The anniversary of the double murder of Sylvia Habich and Rita Carrico leaves questions. Watch this and do your part – especially if you aren’t keen on local news outlets. [WHAS11]

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  1. WHOO HOO for the Iron Quarter/Whiskey Row. And thanks to everyone who signed those petitions. I had to keep myself from reading the crazy comments on the CJ story. Jay Stottman’s responses about the process are great – informed, reasonable. Todd Blue’s however…pitiful, hard to understand, and ridiculous (especially what he said in the WFPL coverage).

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