PVA Candidates Fighting It Out In Parks

Haha, oh gosh, this is hilarious.

Read the latest press release from PVA candidate Corey Koellner, sent out last evening:

Louisville, KY – Jefferson County’s Property Valuation Administrator (PVA) threatened to throw Corey Koellner, a candidate for his job, out of Willow Park this past Sunday while Koellner was attending one of the summer concerts with his wife and two supporters. Koellner may respond by filing an Ethics Complaint with the Kentucky Executive Branch Ethics Commission.

Tony Lindauer, Jefferson County PVA, approached Koellner after he had finished talking with one of his former teachers who was also in the park for the concert and agreed to wear a ‘Koellner for PVA’ sticker. Lindauer, upset and frustrated, indicated to his opponent he could enjoy the concert but was not permitted to provide campaign stickers to anyone in attendance. Lindauer proceeded to say he would have Koellner thrown out of the park if he failed to comply with his request, referencing a permit in place with Metro Louisville for the concerts.

Surprised by Lindauer’s composure and insistence, Koellner reminded him Willow Park is a public location and he was attending a public event. Then Koellner walked away.

The summer concerts in Willow Park are partially sponsored by the Cherokee Triangle Association (CTA). Lindauer often serves as emcee for the concerts, but is neither an officer or trustee for the CTA. While the PVA claimed a permit would allow him to oust his opponent from the event, Bonnie McGrath of Metro Louisville’s Department of Codes & Regulations stated Monday there are no permits on file with Codes & Regulations for the 2010 Willow Park Concert Series. A Facility Agreement is in place with Metro Parks; however, the agreement contains no language supporting the PVA’s claims.

Responding to the event, Koellner said “There is no room for these type of intimidation tactics in our political process. It seems some politicians will stop at nothing to maintain their office. My opponent should be more concerned about ensuring people in Jefferson County are fairly treated and their properties accurately assessed.”

Can you breathe after all that laughter?

Not sure why he’d file an ethics complaint since lapel stickers in a park have nothing to do with being a government official?

This is maybe the most hilarious thing to happen in a race for Property Valuation Administrator in… ever.


7 thoughts on “PVA Candidates Fighting It Out In Parks

  1. Tony is awesomely hilarious – just like this incident.

    I’m still cracking up that the guy sent out a press release about it.

  2. Sounds to me like the PVA is scared of this guy if he gets this worked up over somone wearing a sticker.

  3. I don’t know if there’s anyone more critical of Tony Lindauer than me… and I think this is silly.

    Folks who were there say Tony wasn’t campaigning and regulars (non-political folks) tell me he’s never in candidate mode there. He apparently asked Koellner not to turn it into a campaign event and he persisted.

    While Tony probably should have let him hand out his stickers to people who aren’t going to be voting for him (Koellner) anyway, it’s hilarious that Koellner would send out a press release saying he’s going to file an ethics complaint over stickers.

  4. Not saying stikers are worthy of ethics charges, but it’s bizarre he allegedly threatened to throw out his competitor over stickers. Lindauer was campaigning with other democrat candidates. I didn’t see this fight but I also didn’t see our PVA get upset with his campaigning democrat pals…just smiles, pats on the back, and meeting everyone in the crowd. The only difference was I didn’t see his pals giving out stickers – maybe he has some bias against stickers (hehe).

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