Papaw Beshear Doesn’t Like Uppity Women

The rumor was right. Ed Martin filed to run for congress in the 3rd district as a Libertarian. [SoS]

Yesterday was awesome in Crescent Hill, in case you didn’t know. [WHAS11]

Our investigative work found its way to the Colbert Report. Woopsiedaisy. [Page One]

Jurors in the Karen Sypher-Rick Pitino extortion trial had to tell everybody where they stand on abortion, sexytime and their University of Louisville basketball game attendance habits. It’s a shame Sypher has been barred from speaking to the media. Cause we’ve heard some craaaazy sauce stuff over the past couple years. [A Kentucky Newspaper]

Got any predictions for today’s mayoral debate? Bill Lamb, the moderator, likely won’t throw softball questions and he tends to be well-informed on matters of Metro Gubmint. [Joe Arnold]

Interesting that a particular publication has finally realized it is a good idea to cover the U.S. Senate race. Too bad the publication merely publishes what others have researched and written along with a few letters to the editor. All while trying to milk it for cash. [A Kentucky Newspaper]

Burglar alarm fees are out of the Metro budget. [FOX41]

Maybe Fairdale Bigfoot likes to feel pretty. Maybe he likes taking fancy trips to the mountains. [Consuming Louisville]

Governor Steve Beshear has effectively demoted the Division of Violence Prevention Resources. [Page One]

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  1. Well i guess the Metro Council came off the eather long enough to realize how much heat & resentment they wouldbe dealt if they forced that Alarm tax thing thru!……I mean how contrived would that be, there needs to be an ordiance that rewards the Metro councilmen to remove existing rules & ordinance’s!!!!!!

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