New Metro Councilcritter Just Selected

The new Metro Councilcritter? Just named.

Dr. Deonte Jamar Hollowell.

Compromise candidate. (The deal was long in not to select Ken Herndon – told ya so.)

That result came after a million separate votes.

Important note: Jim King supported Herndon prior to the consensus/compromise candidate.

UPDATE: Click here for Phillip Bailey’s story on tonight’s shenanigans.

6 thoughts on “New Metro Councilcritter Just Selected

  1. I see him as a Leonard Watkins type compromise choice, he can fill the seat for a few months then let the voters decide in November.

  2. There is only one reason Ken Herndon was not picked and it is a very sad reason. Obviously the people of the district know him and support him since he damn near beat Unseld.
    Hope he runs in the fall.

  3. It wasn’t because he’s gay. Numerous fairness advocates voted against him – included Fairness Campaign/C-FAIR-endorsed David Tandy.

    He doesn’t get to “run” in the fall. The local Democratic Party selects the Party nominee and the legislative district chairs don’t appear to be Herndon fans.

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