Monday Morning Dept Of White Goes To Hotlanta

Did you see this mess last week? Louisville legislator, Larry Clark, worked hard to stifle the bourbon industry in Kentucky. All because of personal bitterness. [Page One]

Former mayoral candidate Fairdale Bigfoot enjoys risotto and has some advice on dealing with the boss at a dinner party. [Consuming Louisville]

Who beat somebody up at Barbara Lee’s? Ruining a greasy spoon with violence. [C-J]

The guy, Bryan Stevenson, was just 26 and in town for a softball tournament. [More C-J]

Cincinnati Enquirer has more details. Apparently his friends were in trouble and he went outside to assist, getting pounced by the four guys charged with killing him. [Enquirer]

Jeffersonville’s Carnegie Library is amazing and it needs a new tenant. Someone move there, pronto! [WFPL]

Julian Carroll says you should join a political party if you want to vote in a primary election. Apparently that’s how democracy works? Ha. [FatLip]

Flashback: Did you bike to work on May 21? Have any problems? [Broken Sidewalk]

Robert White’s participating in a town hall meeting in Hotlanta. Who will be Louisville’s new chief of police? [More WFPL]

6 thoughts on “Monday Morning Dept Of White Goes To Hotlanta

  1. I observed Citizen Fischer and the Chief having a long chat at the Hike & Bike. A premature job interview perhaps?

  2. How interesting that an out-of-town newspaper, the Cincinnati Enquirer, had more details on the altercation at Barbara Lee’s this past weekend than the Louisville Courier-Journal did.

  3. Of course you should be a member of the political party that is choosing it’s candidate. That’s the fundamental point of what a political party is – a freedom of association.

    Choices have consequences. If you choose to be an independent (which is all good and well) then in our system, you shouldn’t whine about having to wait until November to vote.

  4. TP…then the parties (dem and rep) should fund their own ‘private’ candidate selection process…problem solved.
    Oh wait…as Jake like to remind his readers…they’re pretty much broke, and couldn’t fund their own primary selection process.
    So we effectively get “Political Party Subsidies”.

  5. I am registered with a particular major political party JUST so that I am eligible to cast my vote in the primaries. Of course I am restricted to only voting for a candidate within that particular party, but I can choose to vote for the party person(s) I consider their BEST QUALIFIED to run in a general election – which is some measure of solace in case the candidate I actually vote for in the Fall happens to lose.

  6. “E” is spot on!

    To mimic Sen. Carroll’s CNN eloquence,
    If a party wants a primary, David, then they should pay for it. If they don’t like it they should move to another country.

    CLICK: Sen. Carroll’s intolerance on display on CNN video

    NON-PARTISAN elections are the answer. LEXINGTON does them as do many, many other U.S. cities, counties, and states.

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