Lots From Louisville Make Higher Ed Boards

Have you seen Governor Steve Beshear’s list of latest higher education appointments?

Get a load at the number of Louisville supporters he’s put on boards and such.

“Education and economic development are two of the highest priorities of my administration, and that is why it is critical that we continue to appoint talented people to serve in these board positions,” said Gov. Beshear. “The people who will serve these colleges and universities have a great responsibility – to help guide higher education for thousands of students across the state, which in turn shapes our future workforce and economic success in Kentucky.”

Let’s take a look at the list:

Eastern Kentucky University Board of Regents

  • Appoint: Ernest Matt House, London, Healthcare CEO
  • Appoint: David W. Tandy, Louisville, attorney/councilcritter

Kentucky State University Board of Regents

  • Appoint: David J. Guarnieri, Frankfort, attorney
  • Reappoint: Charles Whitehead, Villa Hills, attorney

Morehead State University Board of Regents

  • Appoint: Patrick E. Price, Flemingsburg, attorney
  • Appoint: David V. Hawpe, Louisville, retired Courier-Journal “journalist”

Murray State University Board of Regents

  • Appoint: Dr. Jerry Sue Thornton, Moreland Hills, president of Cuyahoga Community College
  • Appoint: Harry Lee Waterfield II, Frankfort, life insurance executive
  • Appoint: Mrs. Susan Shaffer Guess, Paducah, marketing director for Paducah Bank

Northern Kentucky University Board of Regents

  • Appoint: Mrs. Elizabeth Lee Thompson, Nicholasville, attorney
  • Appoint: Nathaniel G. SMith, Ft. Mitchell, partner at SSK Communities

University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

  • Appoint: William Stamps Farish Jr., Versailles, horse breeder
  • Appoint: Oliver Keith Gannon, Mt. Sterling, self-employed businessman
  • Appoint: Terry Mobley, Lexington, representing alumni

University of Louisville Board of Trustees

  • Appoint: Mrs. August Brown Holland, Louisville, developer
  • Appoint: Robert Walton Rounsavall III, Prospect, business exec with Dixie Real Properties LLC
  • Reappoint: Marie K. Abrams, Prospect, representing alumni

Western Kentucky University Board of Regents

  • Reappoint: Melissa B. Dennison, Glasgow, pediatrician
  • Reappoint: Laurence J. Zielke, Louisville, attorney

Kentucky Authority for Education Television

  • Reappoint: Angela Dixon Cain, Walton, homemaker
  • Reappoint: Laura Brewer Ladd, Lexington, interior designer

Kentucky Community and Technical College System Board of Regents

  • Appoint: Carl Ronald James, Paducah, river industry exec

Higher Education Assistance Authority Board of Directors

  • Appoint: Lawrence L. Jones II, Propsect, attorney
  • Appoint: Becky Ruth Lamb, Prospect, director of Humana National Network Operations
  • Appoint: Lisa Ann Payne, Prospect, economic development leader at E.ON US
  • Appoint: Carla A. Blanton, Lexington, PR consultant

Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education

  • Appoint: Dennis M. Jackson, Paducah, Paducah Public School administrator
  • Reappoint: Marcia Milby Ridings, London, attorney

Which one sticks out like a sore thumb for you folks?

It’s a literal who’s who of Beshear supporters.

7 thoughts on “Lots From Louisville Make Higher Ed Boards

  1. I know what these 3 got the nod for:

    David W. Tandy: rewarded for not saying “Boo!” over the Cordish contract & for allowing himself to be shoved aside & replaced by Greg Fischer as Jerry’s hand-picked successor to the mayoral throne.

    David V. Hawpe: for decades of faithful service working to cover up Jerry’s stink bombs like a cat in a litterbox (plus a bonus silent inducement to anyone else at the C-J who might consider printing the truth on day).

    Laurence J. Zielke: long-time F.O.J. and disbarred Louisville attorney who, on behalf of his client, failed MAS director Gilles Meloche, sent threatening letters to MAS staffers and many Louisville citizens who dared to question Meloche’s authority, practices, and how he got appointed in the first place.

    Lets all set fire to the flag and sing Kumbaya to celebrate the triumph of self-interest over liberty–Huzzah!

  2. Weak list, to be sure. Where are the educators? Where are the ‘thinkers?’ Oh, I forgot. It’s Kentucky we’re talking about. Oh, OK. I understand, now.

  3. “On Additions to the Boards of Cadavers”

    Highlander, you are right about the list. I dare say none of the KY state colleges will make Phi Beta Kappa (of course, not UofL) any time soon. The new appointees are mostly lawyers, corporate leaders, realtors, and the like. Educators? Thinkers? Plate Glass comes closer than most of them, believe it or not.

  4. An uneducated plate glass installer with any amount of common sense could do better than lawyers, corporate heads, realtors and educators. Thinkers…..yes, and most of them would be the common everyday laborer.

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