Kentucky’s U.S Senate Race Is Pure Schadenfreude

Jack Conway thinks signing a petition or two will win him the U.S. Senate race. This is borderline schadenfreude. [Page One]

Of course Louisville’s population growth lags behind Nashville and Indianapolis. The longer we elected people who are only out for themselves – those who refuse to move this city forward on the business and social fronts – the longer we’re all going to suffer. And tolls? Killing the Waterfront? In ten years, no one will want to live in Louisville. It’s all going to be a giant Saint Matthews. [C-J]

Mitch McConnell allegedly honored slaves who built the U.S. Capitol. Something about that is unbelievably awkward. [WBKO]

Summer camps at the Louisville Nature Center? You should probably force these on your rugrats ASAP. [Consuming Louisville]

Branden Klayko has officially gone missing! [Broken Sidewalk]

Mitch McConnell says he’s but a man of the people. Unfortunately, he thinks those people have $30 million. [More Page One]

TARC announced yesterday that it’s offering a discounted monthly express-fare pass for $80, which can be ordered online. Apparently there will no longer be express tickets for sale – you’ll have to use two adult cash fare tickets or a single ticket plus $1 in cash. [TARC]

Leadership Louisville’s 2011 class of 59 business leaders has been announced. Folks like Gill Holland, Jon Salomon, Christie McCravy. [Business First]

You’ll probably want to check this map out if you’re a giant nerd like Jake. Shows where Louisvillians came from and went to. [WFPL & Forbes]

4 thoughts on “Kentucky’s U.S Senate Race Is Pure Schadenfreude

  1. I don’t see why it’s a big deal that some surrounding cities are growing faster. 8% growth seems like a healthy number. I’m not sure why we’d want to be growing any faster. Almost all of Nashville’s growth is in counties outside of the city. Out of control sprawl doesn’t seem like something Louisville should strive for.

  2. The 20 -24 year olds moving to Louisville are the UK graduates w/o jobs. Moving back home to the big screens, good food and cleanliness of mom and dad.


  3. “And Tolls? Killing the Waterfront? In ten years, no one will want to live in Louisville.” Well said, assuming the current design of the downtown ORBP is built, those with options (the most talented, educated, and creative) will avoid Louisville like the plague.

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