Frank Simon Raising Money For Lally

Republican Congressional candidate for Kentucky’s 3rd District Todd Lally isn’t just content with the endorsement of known bigot Frank Simon.

Lally isn’t content with merely supporting Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell because says it’s a cop-out.

Nope. None of that.

And he’s not content with defending his close ties to Frank Simon in the comments section of this very website.

Now he’s letting Frank Simon host a fundraiser for him:

What was that again, Todd, about not hating the gays and not supporting discrimination of any kind?

That dog will no longer hunt.

13 thoughts on “Frank Simon Raising Money For Lally

  1. Jake. You obviously have never been to a political fundraiser have you? Frank Simon is not HOSTING anything for Todd. The invitation CLEARY states its at the home of Vance and Janet Cuthrell, which means they are hosting the event and allowing Todd to raise money for his campaign., NOT Frank Simon. “Hosting” simply means you have contributed a certain dollar level, not that you’re actually hosting a fundraiser and raising more funds for a candidate. Your smear campaign against Lally isn’t working Jake. why don’t you get your facts straight and learn what responsible journalism is, THEN just maybe you can actually inform your readers. I cannot wait until you have to address Todd as CONGRESSMAN Lally!

  2. Are you Lally folks REALLY mentally retarded? Is that what’s going on here?

    Or are you just Anti-Semitic bigots? And don’t try telling me you’re not – let’s just examine the information you fed into the comment form:

    Author : Yarmuthisdone (IP: ,
    E-mail :

    See that? “jew” ? Really?

    Probable Anti-Semitism aside… can you read? Dr. Frank’s name appears under – yep – “Co-Hosts” – meaning he’s – yep – hosting.

    I posted the invitation so I’m obviously aware the event is being held at the Cuthrell home.

    Question to other commenters: who here thinks I made all this up? You can click the link, see the screengrab and read for yourself.

    Jesus H.

  3. Yarmuthisdone, wow! Why do you even write on this page? I have been a co-host for political fundraisers (but I am a no-name). I have worked on local campaigns as a volunteer marketing consultant. I assure you, those names are put on that invitation intentionally to draw like-minded contributors to the event. You “simply” don’t know what you’re talking about. A savvy politician knows and manages, or has his people manage, every piece of public paper that has his name on it. Lally has aligned himself with that scum-of-the-earth Simon once again. He does not need any help smearing himself. He’s doing a bang-up job on his own.

  4. Planned Parenthood, SEIU thugs , Move ON, ACLU, and money from River Fields people.. Yarmth people ALL…..and you talk about Simon? Get some perspective……This won’t get you back on Oberman…sorry…

  5. I am in the very fortunate situation to know Todd Lally. We served together in the National Guard for several years. I actually knew him before he got his commission, and watched him grow into a good officer (they used to call him Top-Co… meaning Top Co-Pilot)

    I am still in occasional contact with him, and know him to be a good person.

    That being said, I cannot fathom why he allows folks like Simon to be around him on this campaign. It doesn’t help, and only isolates him from moderate voters who might have been swayed by what ever is in the water these days.

    I can only hope it is foolish ignorance, but I fear he may have been taken down the garden bath of conservative politics. Which is never good on local issues. After all even Ann Northrup was in the moderate wing of the Republican party.

  6. C M, that all sounds like good company to me. Simon is a repulsive bigot. In fact, he’s such an extreme bigot that after reading his bile-filled mailings regarding the vote on Fairness after merger, two suburban council members changed their votes. Madonna Flood said that she had not planned to vote for Fairness because she thought it unnecessary. Then she received her mailings from Simon, so full of “hate and bigotry” that she never would have imagined it in Louisville. This is who Lally has associated himself with. I’d take Planned Parenthood over trash like that any day.

  7. @CM

    Why do you hate women? Why do you think women and young girls should be denied access to the wonderful, committed folks at Planned Parenthood – would you rather we have an increase female teen deaths due to undetected cancer for failure to get annual PAP screening?

    Why do you hate the working man? If it were not for the SEIU and other unions then the working men & women in this country would NOT be working in safe working conditions.

    Moveon is an awesome MOVEMENT that got rid of the criminals from the Bush/Cheney Administration … did YOU like the Bush criminals?

    ACLU – hahahahahha … come on – even convicted felon Oliver North owes the reversal of his conviction to ACLU. It was the ACLU that got that conviction overturned on behalf of Oliver North.

    You remember Oliver North, don’t you? He is the military man who sold US weapons to Iran while Reagan was in office. Even Nancy Reagan said North is a criminal who lied to her husband (Ronald Reagan).

    Why do you hate education & our environment? Let me guess you love BP for all they’ve do to our environment.

    CM you might have better luck with posters if you go to those teabagger blogs – that direction>>>>>>>>>>>>

  8. @yarmuthisdone

    You obviously are trying to come on this blog and spread lies.

    A “host” and/or “co-host” on a political invitation does a whole lot more than just write a check for a certain dollar amount.

    Read & learn:
    1. The hosts ALSO help PAY FOR the food and drinks and any food server or drink server.

    2. The hosts ALSO send out invitations to THEIR FRIENDS so their friends will come & donate.

    3. They arrive early and stay after everyone leaves … to help clean up & pay for stuff.

    Lally said he does not support any discrimination of any kind. Yet, he will clearly take the money from the Klan Man … AND … he will clearly enjoy the Klan Man inviting his Klan pals to a PRIVATE event so they too can contribute their Klan money … AND … he will clearly let the Klan Man be a prominent donor with his name on the INVITATION!

    You see … most people in the 21st Century DENOUNCE Klan money and would not take their money … but not Lally.

  9. An old East Kentucky addage best describes the Lally/Simon relationship:

    “If you lie down with dogs…you get fleas”

  10. The bigger question is why in a district that has swung and could go for Hal Heiner has no Republican national money going to Lally, which forces him into alliances with Simon and others.

    One theory is that River Fields has brokered a deal between McConnell and Yarmuth in which McConnell cuts off the cash to Lally

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