Care About Louisville? Then Don’t Bail In Protest

You should go to the Crescent Hill Old-Fashioned Fourth of July Celebration. [Click the Clicky]

We get awesome comments about Todd Lally. Lally or one of his supporters is… maybe needs help? Judge for yourself. [We Get Comments]

Today a group of folks calling themselves Save Louisville will host a petition drive at Waterfront Park. The goal is to collect signatures of Louisville residents pledging to leave the city if the Ohio River Bridges Project is built as proposed. They’ll be on the Great Lawn 10:00 A.M. – 7:00 P.M.  Does anyone else believe that saying you’re going to move away is a cop-out?  People who give up don’t care enough in the first place, in my opinion. [Press Release]

Religious conservatives are backing away from and opening questioning Rand Paul. [Page One]

Speaking of Rand Paul, his income jumped $116,000 in the last four months of 2009 and his rental income dropped $76,000. You’ll want to read all about his Personal Financial Disclosure. Especially the parts his campaign wouldn’t discuss. [H-L]

Phillip Bailey watched Metro Council’s interview session with potential Unseld replacements. Despite what he says about the local Democratic Party, members of the LJCDP tell me they already have a favorite to run as a candidate. [Fat Lip]

Sesame Street Presents: The Body opens this Saturday, July 3, at the Louisville Science Center. It’s there through January 2, 2011, so make sure you take the rugrats. [Press Release]

Kentucky is totally number one in some really awesome categories. [Barefoot & Progressive]

12 thoughts on “Care About Louisville? Then Don’t Bail In Protest

  1. The gun ranking is fine with me, since these figures were comprised from people who actually properly purchasing their firearms and had background checks run.

    However, I think it’s time for the States of Mississippi and West Virginia to step up and stop enabling our politicians to continue their lack of action in improving the state. They have been providing them political cover for years by actually being worse than us (for example toothlessness per capita) in many of these categories.

  2. Crescent Hill Saturday and Sunday, gotta hear me some Pope Street Pickers, Mickey Clark, and Kentucky Homefront. Somebody bake some cakes!

  3. I don’t think you’re being fair to the Save Louisville guys. They’re out in the world talking to people about the consequences of the ORBP. They go to he meetings of the Bridges Authority, and know what they’re talking about.
    I’ve never seen you at one of those meetings, btw.

  4. Maybe because I don’t give two shits about what they say at meetings, but about what goes on behind the scenes?

    Maybe I should stop caring about the Ohio River Bridges debacle all together and stop giving it any publicity?

    How is it unfair to state my opinion on an opinion-based website? I stand by my opinion and belief as a Louisvillian that pledging to move away from the city because some idiots ruin part of downtown is a cop-out. It’s letting the other side win without a fight. It’s giving up on something you profess to love and care about.

    I said nothing about the group’s mission or involvement.

  5. Stu Noland here, founder of Save Louisville. Jake you are entitled to your opinion but we are going to have to agree to disagree. If I thought there was another way to stop this slow moving highway disaster I would not be pursuing the goal of signing up over a million people who guarantee they will not live in Louisville post downtown ORBP. If I thought the current design and funding plan for the downtown ORBP was merely bad I would not be using these methods. However, in my opinion the downtown ORBP is the biggest urban plannning mistake of the 21st century. If Louisville tolls itself to becomes the only city in the history of the world to expand an elevated waterfront expressway Louisville will be doomed to a future of economic mediocrity. Given that all of our local leadership is supporting this boondogle someone needs to step up and explain the consequences of going down this path. I would like to live most if not all of my life in Louisville but in my opinion Louisville will not be able to compete in the 21st century and beyond if we make this 100 year mistake.

  6. I sincerely hope you don’t think a petition is going to stop the powers that be from moving forward.

    You don’t want this bridges mess? Stop voting for the people pushing it. Don’t vote for Greg Fischer. Stop Steve Beshear and Jerry Abramson. Oust the Councilcritters who support it.

  7. Louisville doesn’t even have a million people when you count Jefferson County much less add Bullitt and Oldham. Most of the people of Louisville don’t even have much of a reason to cross the river to start with unless they work in Indiana. What’s even more comical is that only about 1.2 million live in the several counties including Louisville. I guess Stu better figure out that he’s going to need to go to Indianapolis, Cincy and the rest of the nation to find a million people that really give a rats rear end about the issue.

  8. No, I don’t think a petition alone is going to change the position of our leadership. However, in combination with the efforts of the No Tolls group, 8664, and rational people everywhere who speak out against this boondogle we might just be able to get them to split the project. Last time I checked there are about 6 billion people on this planet and if you show them the rendering of what our image defining waterfront will look like after 2024 many of them sign up without hesitation.

  9. Telling someone you’re going to leave isn’t going to help in the least. It’s a lot like Alec Baldwin stating he’d leave the country of Dubya was re-elected.

  10. Stating you are going to leave a country if someone is elected for 4 years is stupid. Telling someone that you are going to leave a city in 14 years if that city builds terrible infrastructure that will harm the economy for the next 100 years is logical.

  11. All right. Carry on with your petition drive and drumming people up to “move” when we shit on the waterfront.

    I have a feeling that’s not going to get you anywhere.

    You want to turn things around? Get rid of the problem. Stop voting for people who continue to push this horse shit. Dry up their fundraising ability. Don’t just hold a protest or petition signing or two. Seriously stand up and stop voting for those people. Prevent them from winning elections.

    Otherwise, you’re spinning your wheels in the mud.

  12. Frankly, I would guess that probably 70 percent of the community doesn’t really care about going downtown to the parks or spending time downtown. Its an observation I’ve seen and heard over and over the last 20 years here. If you recall, how many people didn’t want the arena or obviously didn’t care. Face it when the facts are that well over half of the people don’t care enough in a lot of cases to vote the bums out. When it comes to what makes them tick, its their jobs, their family, and American Idiots. There’s always the few partisans for each group that care but for the most part the general average Louisvillian is more interested in their gas prices, paying bills, or keeping their job. There’s not a lot of foresight going on here with regards to urban planning, road construction, etc.

    Which is why Hurstbourne Pkwy is such a mess most days during rush hour and why the bridges that need to be built haven’t been done DESPITE needing to be done for 15 to 20 years. Spaghetti Junction has been a mess too most of those years even back 25 years ago it was always accident prone.

    Its in the mindset of the general public here that nothing really gets done unless someone really pushes it. Actually, the basketball arena wouldn’t have made it except for enough people to shove it down everyone’s throat. That’s why nothing ever gets done here. A good Democrat friend here once told me that nothing will get done about anything unless someone starts a stink and it gets all over the news media. Otherwise, the J-TOWN sewer plant stunk the area up during the summer for quite a while and nothing was done until the media got a hold of it. Same goes for downtown development, road improvements, and yes bridges again.

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