Candidates Should Give Back Dirty Contributions

Transfer stats show JCPS students are mostly staying put. [Toni Konz]

Today at 10:30 A.M. John Yarmuth will join Joe Meyer, Secretary of the Education & Workforce Development Cabinet, and Shae Hopkins, Director & CEO of KET, to make a “major legislative initiative” announcement. The federal legislation they’ll discuss will apparently “help better prepare Americans for the workforce.” [Media Advisory]

Mayor McCheese’s hike and bike drew thousands of folks downtown on Memorial Day. [WHAS11]

Metro Council’s budget hearings begin today and everybody gets to complain about whatever they want. [C-J]

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to John Yarmuth’s first victory over Anne Northup. [CQ Politics]

Guess Sheppard Square isn’t going to get torn down any time soon. Now that a $22 million request has been denied by the feds. [Fat Lip]

Acts have been named for this year’s Independence Festival on the Waterfront. [WAVE3]

The big city newspaper editorial board recognizing the insanity of Rand Paul’s opposition to the constitution. [C-J]

Is anybody shocked that the budgeting process in Frankfort was stifled by egomaniacal loons? Of course not. [H-L]

Jack Conway and everybody else should give back any contributions they have received from BP or BP employees/spouses. And Rand Paul needs to return racist contributions – something his father refused to do. Posthaste. [Marion County Line]

2 thoughts on “Candidates Should Give Back Dirty Contributions

  1. CJ article says that HUD does not release to public why requests are turned down. This one is easy. Mayor Cordishpocket had some real dumbasses working for him and never spent the money Federal agencies gave them for projects like this so the Feds figured Louisville didn’t need it. If the Mayor had spent less time up Cordish’s ass he would have known what was happening in real life throughout his administrative offices.

  2. 402kid: You’re right about Mayor Cordishpocket and the buffoons who accommodate his office, but you’re incorrect that he could have avoided the HUD loss “..had he spent less time up Cordish’s ass…” Anyone dumb enough to do what he did for Cordish (even though the CJ has ignored calling for a federal grand jury investigation) is STILL TOO DUMB, even if he wasn’t in Cordish’s hole.

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