New Metro Councilcritter Just Selected

The new Metro Councilcritter? Just named.

Dr. Deonte Jamar Hollowell.

Compromise candidate. (The deal was long in not to select Ken Herndon – told ya so.)

That result came after a million separate votes.

Important note: Jim King supported Herndon prior to the consensus/compromise candidate.

UPDATE: Click here for Phillip Bailey’s story on tonight’s shenanigans.

Fancy Democracy In Action In Louisville

What the crap? The Commercial Council of the Home Builders Association of Louisville barred Jackie Green from taking part in its mayoral forum – with the aid of police:

The first general election debate for mayor of Louisville may have been mostly a bore, but a stirring story behind the scenes was that event organizers barred independent candidate Jackie Green from the discussion and had Metro Police stop him from entering the building.


“We know where Mr. Green stands on development, and it is strictly focused on the urban area and redevelopment,” says Tara Brinkmoeller, a spokeswoman for Home Builders. “We know that he doesn’t believe new development should occur. And knowing that he speaks directly against what we stand for, we didn’t feel it was a forum that would’ve been appropriate.”

Maybe I’m missing something, but wouldn’t you want someone who disagrees with you to take part in your event that’s allegedly for the good of the public?

Read the rest from Phillip Bailey.

Humana Contract With UofL Physicians Ending

Got Humana? Well… no agreement’s been reached with Humana and University of Louisville phsyicians, so the contract ends tonight at midnight.

UofL sent letters to patients who have Humana updating them on possible outcomes. And a ton of employers and brokers have also been contacted.

Here’s a snippet from the latest press release from UofL physicians:

Patients have been encouraged to contact Humana to learn how their health coverage will be affected. Most will have to change doctors or pay out-of-network charges. Employers may need to consider changing insurance carriers if they still wish in-network coverage for their employees.

Humana initiated the dispute by demanding a 10% decrease in reimbursements. UofL Physicians rejected that demand and provided a counter-offer that was more in line with comparable reimbursements. Humana has rejected that offer.

Humana is a for-profit business with their executives getting millions of dollars in bonuses. Last year, their CEO received a bonus of $1.8 million over his million dollar salary.

Humana had a 65% increase in profits in 2009 worth billions of dollars.

UofL Physicians represents the largest collection of specialist physicians in the region with those specialists representing nearly every conceivable adult and pediatric medical and surgical discipline.

UofL Physicians is principally responsible for staffing at Kosair Children’s Hospital and UofL Hospital, and provides care for patients at hospitals throughout the city, including UofL Hospital, Kosair Children’s Hospital, the James Graham Brown Cancer Center, Norton Hospital, Jewish Hospital, Baptist East Hospital, and at a number of inpatient and outpatient sites around the state.

Click here for more details. If you’re insured by Humana and utilize UofL doctors, click here for information that could come in handy.

UofL doesn’t seem to be taking this in stride. Any predictions?

Care About Louisville? Then Don’t Bail In Protest

You should go to the Crescent Hill Old-Fashioned Fourth of July Celebration. [Click the Clicky]

We get awesome comments about Todd Lally. Lally or one of his supporters is… maybe needs help? Judge for yourself. [We Get Comments]

Today a group of folks calling themselves Save Louisville will host a petition drive at Waterfront Park. The goal is to collect signatures of Louisville residents pledging to leave the city if the Ohio River Bridges Project is built as proposed. They’ll be on the Great Lawn 10:00 A.M. – 7:00 P.M.  Does anyone else believe that saying you’re going to move away is a cop-out?  People who give up don’t care enough in the first place, in my opinion. [Press Release]

Religious conservatives are backing away from and opening questioning Rand Paul. [Page One]

Speaking of Rand Paul, his income jumped $116,000 in the last four months of 2009 and his rental income dropped $76,000. You’ll want to read all about his Personal Financial Disclosure. Especially the parts his campaign wouldn’t discuss. [H-L]

Phillip Bailey watched Metro Council’s interview session with potential Unseld replacements. Despite what he says about the local Democratic Party, members of the LJCDP tell me they already have a favorite to run as a candidate. [Fat Lip]

Sesame Street Presents: The Body opens this Saturday, July 3, at the Louisville Science Center. It’s there through January 2, 2011, so make sure you take the rugrats. [Press Release]

Kentucky is totally number one in some really awesome categories. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Frank Simon Raising Money For Lally

Republican Congressional candidate for Kentucky’s 3rd District Todd Lally isn’t just content with the endorsement of known bigot Frank Simon.

Lally isn’t content with merely supporting Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell because says it’s a cop-out.

Nope. None of that.

And he’s not content with defending his close ties to Frank Simon in the comments section of this very website.

Now he’s letting Frank Simon host a fundraiser for him:

What was that again, Todd, about not hating the gays and not supporting discrimination of any kind?

That dog will no longer hunt.

Kentucky Is 7th-Most Fat In The Country

Ready for more stats you aren’t going to like? 30.5% of adult Kentuckians are obese. 21% of Kentucky children are obese. We are fat, Kentucky. Jeeeeeeeez.

Some of the key findings about Kentucky:

  • Kentucky set nutritional standards for school lunches, breakfasts, and snacks that are stricter than current United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) requirements. Twenty states and D.C. have set such standards. Five years ago, only four states had legislation requiring stricter standards
  • Kentucky has nutritional standards for competitive foods sold in schools on á la carte lines, in vending machines, in school stores, or through school bake sales. Twenty-eight states and D.C. have nutritional standards for competitive foods. Five years ago, only six states had such standards.
  • Kentucky has not passed requirements for body mass index (BMI) screenings of children and adolescents or legislation requiring other forms of weight-related assessments in schools. Twenty states have passed such requirements for BMI screenings. Five years ago, only four states had passed screening requirements.
  • Kentucky has not passed Complete Streets legislation, which aims to ensure that all users — pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and transit riders of all ages and abilities — have safe access to a community’s streets. Thirteen states have passed Complete Streets legislation.

Is this maybe what happens when 90% of Frankfort weighs 300 pounds and eats nothing but fast food?

Mayoral Folks Kick Off General Election Campaign

While Hal Heiner kicks off his general election campaign by opening a South End headquarters on Thursday- free and open to the public, his opponent, Greg Fischer, is kicking things off at The Olmstead.

The Fischer event, billed as a “kickoff fundraiser,” starts tomorrow at 6:00 P.M. and has a suggested minimum contribution of $100.

This isn’t an attack on Fischer, despite what a couple blowhards will allege in the comments (I thought I didn’t matter? Why foam at the mouth 24/7 if I don’t?), but a look at how the two candidates are conducting business.

Heiner’s event is obviously targeted to more everyday voters. And since so many people have asked me about the Fischer event, let’s take a look at the host list from the invitation to see who his event is targeting…

Charles Alexander • Saeed Asseff • Gail Becker • Jon Bleidt • Owsley & Christy Brown • John Y. III & Rebecca Brown • Tim Corrigan • Charles Dobbins • Burt Deutsch • Tommy & Maryanne Elliott • Jerry Ferguson • George & Mary Lee Fischer • Ron & Leslie Geoghegan • John & Mary Moss Greenebaum • Jon Goldberg • Kevin & Nancy Grove • Scott & Wendy Hagan • Michael & Stacy Houlihan • David Jones Jr. & Mary Gwen Wheeler • Suhas & Surekha Kulkarni • Steve & Beth Mullins • Sean & Anne O’Leary • Kent & Kathy Oyler • Stephen Reily & Emily Bingham • Mark Suna • Matt & Fran Thornton

Leadership Couples
Tom & Lisa Austin • Bob & Judi Ayotte • Jonathan & Tracy Blue • Todd & Karen Blue • Dale & Ceci Conway Boden • Frank & Carolyn Burns • Stephen Campbell & Heather McHold • Jack & Elizabeth Conway • Tom & Barbara Conway • Rick Duffy & Debbie Scoppechio • Chris & Melissa Fischer • Paul & Donna Fischer • Larry & Judy Franklin • Jim & Helen Fugitte • Thomas Graham • David & Marlene Grissom • Gill & Augusta Holland • John & Heather Hollenbach • Wade & Alice Houston • Fred & Anne Joseph • Bob & Margaret Kulp • Allan & Donna Lansing • Bill & Carol Lomicka • Phil & Susan McNeese Lynch • Skipper & Hana Martin • Jon & Connie Meyer • Pat & Francie Mulloy • Charlie & Joanne Owen • John & Genie Potter • John & Nancy Reed • Larry & Mary Jane Riddle • Ken & Karen Sales • Stu & Susan Sampson • Halsey & Barbara Sandford • Allen & Marjorie Schubert • Mark & Martha Slaughter • Lacey & Barbara Sexton Smith • Sheryl Snyder & Jessica Loving • Bill Spinner • Bob Steinmetz & Babs Elliott • George Stinson & Eric Haner • Karl & Roanne Victor • Orme & Mary Wilson • Congressman John & Cathy Yarmuth

See the list of Sponsors and Co-Hosts after the jump…

Read moreMayoral Folks Kick Off General Election Campaign

PVA Candidates Fighting It Out In Parks

Haha, oh gosh, this is hilarious.

Read the latest press release from PVA candidate Corey Koellner, sent out last evening:

Louisville, KY – Jefferson County’s Property Valuation Administrator (PVA) threatened to throw Corey Koellner, a candidate for his job, out of Willow Park this past Sunday while Koellner was attending one of the summer concerts with his wife and two supporters. Koellner may respond by filing an Ethics Complaint with the Kentucky Executive Branch Ethics Commission.

Tony Lindauer, Jefferson County PVA, approached Koellner after he had finished talking with one of his former teachers who was also in the park for the concert and agreed to wear a ‘Koellner for PVA’ sticker. Lindauer, upset and frustrated, indicated to his opponent he could enjoy the concert but was not permitted to provide campaign stickers to anyone in attendance. Lindauer proceeded to say he would have Koellner thrown out of the park if he failed to comply with his request, referencing a permit in place with Metro Louisville for the concerts.

Surprised by Lindauer’s composure and insistence, Koellner reminded him Willow Park is a public location and he was attending a public event. Then Koellner walked away.

The summer concerts in Willow Park are partially sponsored by the Cherokee Triangle Association (CTA). Lindauer often serves as emcee for the concerts, but is neither an officer or trustee for the CTA. While the PVA claimed a permit would allow him to oust his opponent from the event, Bonnie McGrath of Metro Louisville’s Department of Codes & Regulations stated Monday there are no permits on file with Codes & Regulations for the 2010 Willow Park Concert Series. A Facility Agreement is in place with Metro Parks; however, the agreement contains no language supporting the PVA’s claims.

Responding to the event, Koellner said “There is no room for these type of intimidation tactics in our political process. It seems some politicians will stop at nothing to maintain their office. My opponent should be more concerned about ensuring people in Jefferson County are fairly treated and their properties accurately assessed.”

Can you breathe after all that laughter?

Not sure why he’d file an ethics complaint since lapel stickers in a park have nothing to do with being a government official?

This is maybe the most hilarious thing to happen in a race for Property Valuation Administrator in… ever.


Where’s Doug Hawkins To Protect Us From Bears?

Did mean old Joe Biden try to ruin everybody by turning off the fans? How mean of Joe Biden. Why does he hate America? [Joe Arnold]

Churchill Downs has – wait for it – released an iPhone app for the HullabaLOU festival. We’re biting our tongues re: this one. [This Link Loads iTunes]

Teabaggers in Southern Indiana just cold got into a fight when Joe Biden came to town. [Fox41]

Car-Free Happy Hour is today at Dragon King’s Daughter. 5:30 – 8:00 P.M. [Broken Sidewalk]

The Iron Quarter properties were officially declared landmarks last night. [WAVE3]

Why didn’t Joe Biden call anybody in Louisville a smartass? What a let down. [Wonkette]

Rand Paul attended the Christian Home Schoolers Conference on Friday. Surprisingly, the Democrats didn’t send a tracker or staffer to listen to what he said. But we sent a videographer who captured some quite interesting comments. [Page One]

Seen Anchorman? Then you know what’s attracting bears to the Red River Gorge and Natural Bridge State Park. Where is Doug Hawkins? He needs to protect us all. [H-L]

The anniversary of the double murder of Sylvia Habich and Rita Carrico leaves questions. Watch this and do your part – especially if you aren’t keen on local news outlets. [WHAS11]