18 thoughts on “Tyler Allen Will Put A Sticker On You

  1. This simply proves that Tyler Allen is a one-trick pony. It’s a pretty big pony, but we don’t need a one-big-trick pony as mayor OR as a sign sticker oner!!! Good night Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are.

  2. I don’t care if that thing airs on tv or airs on youreaschmuck.com – it’s awful. Who thought that was a good idea?

  3. I think Tyler’s trying to appear “different” with an offbeat Tv/viral that’s s’posed to appeal to the hipster base. Unfortunately, ‘different’ isn’t Tyler’s problem at all, and he has spent no time time establishing the boring, legitimate credentials a city leader needs. Not to diss my favorite prez in a long time, but you can’t just do “hey, let’s do this for a change,” you have to spend some time in the boring exercise of explaining why new is actually improved on the old way of doing things.

  4. So, again, it’s not that it’s a bad spot, it’s just marginal. And Tyler Allen needs to do something to be something more than a ‘marginal’ candidate.

  5. What is this Jerryville?? Heaven forbid there is a little creative humor coming from a campaign. It’s clearly not a “produced” piece to air on TV.

  6. Silly but funny!,,,I can see the humor and can appreciate that!…..don’t think that little clip will garner too many votes, but it may get him a guest spot on Saturday Night Live!

  7. It’s a cute ad, however, it’s also overkill. Rather than sticker-taping another vehicle, I’d rather hear about his platform. Instead of the generic “he’s for change!” I’d rather hear what type of change he’d be for. After all, having strippers at every public forum would be a change, but would it be one we’d really want.

  8. And that is mine and everyone else’s point…purely for entertainment.

    From a political point of view it is awful. Looks like something someone would throw together running for class president.

  9. I do not need to be entertained.

    What I need is further reason to convince others (and at this point myself) that voting for Tyler Allen is a good idea. He has had months to do this….and yet nothing.

    The time spent creating this video could have been used to create something that shares his passion about something; anything that isn’t bridge related. I am aware that he has made a few other videos, but none of those seem to have the passion of when Allen is in front of Spaghetti J or in St. Louis. In those clips he is obviously in his comfort zone.

    The last thing Tyler Allen needs is to have people take him less seriously. That is what this video accomplished. Speaking from a late twenties GermanTown faux-hipster living doors away from the Nachbar, this video doesn’t hit me. I don’t drive a mini-van and I sure as hell don’t think that stickers on cars are hilarious. This hits me as “nerd-humor” and while there is a time and a place for that it isn’t a few weeks away from the primaries.

    Perhaps I’ll be voting for Lisa Moxley now. She seems to have more of a political future (and vision) than Mr. Allen.

  10. Tyler’s campaign tells me that he’ll run two television spots – but they won’t sway many folks.

    Lisa tells me she doesn’t want to run for any other political office – so please help me convince her to do so. She is one of the city’s major assets. She could improve our future. We need her.

  11. Tyler Allen’s problem is pretty much as TAV describes. He hasn’t put out a platform on anything beyond education and the bridges fiasco (which of course he is 100% right about), and so I realized that I had no way to sell him to donors and voters who care about jobs and the economy most of all (and I’m one of them!).

    The Allen campaign has had plenty of time to put out platforms on all the issues, so it has confounded me that they haven’t done so. I know some of the backstory behind this, but I’ll just suffice it to say that someone decided to make it essentially just about one issue and hope that this would work in an 8-person primary. It won’t.

  12. “It’s a good idea to take your kids to get sprayed this summer. Could really help keep the brats under control.”

    I agrees w’ dat! It sure worked a wonder on mah Pit Bull, too!

  13. Face, meet palm. Man, I’ve been on the Tyler bandwagon for the better part of a year. But I’m really disappointed to see his campaign is spending their time on a bush league youtube video at this point in the race. They should be focusing on honing an effective campaign message. Branding yourself as the “change” candidate is always an asset, but it can only get you so far without substance (or in this case, substantive positions on more than one issue).

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