Thursday Morning Dept of U.S. Senate Race Hoopla

Rand Paul basically admitted he planned on changing his positions post-primary. [Page One]

And the Paul Family have been brushing off the racist moniker for years. [More P1]

Geeks will be eating and drinking today, in case you were wondering. [Consuming Louisville]

Did you know? There are new U.S. fuel efficiency standards for trucks. [Swedish American Green Alliance]

How mean of Branden Klayko to move to Brooklyn. Somebody send him a soiled diaper and tell him how awful he is for not spending 100% of his time in Louisville. [Broken Sidewalk]

Fairdale really does deserve a new library. Who will complain about it? [Business First]

Rand Paul really is good at accusing his opponent, the media and the White House of lying about him and distorting what he’s said. Never mind that he’s the one who does that all for himself. [The Atlantic]

Will Kentucky Kingdom ever reopen? Will Louisville ever stop losing? Does a *insert anything* poop in the *insert location*? [WLKY]

Something tells me there’s no way Frankfort can really solve our problems. Like the budget. No one is holding their breath. [Tom Loftus]

John Yarmuth spoke to the bar belle and they recorded it, for the internet, for free. [FatLip]

2 thoughts on “Thursday Morning Dept of U.S. Senate Race Hoopla

  1. I look for Dennis Spiegel to be involved in the reopening of Kentucky Kingdom. He is a consultant who was a major influence in the early success of Kings Island and one of the few that could organize a successful park at KEC. He lives in Cincy and frequents Louisville often. If it is a corporate machine that has no stake in Louisville it is doomed to fail.

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