3 thoughts on “Rand Paul On Mountaintop Removal

  1. I give Paul credit. He stumps a lot of people. Not because he makes irrefutable points but because there are only so many ways to say “He’s nuts” before it gets boringly repetitive. I don’t envy you for having to cover this guy.

    Coal companies aren’t polluting? Someone in Appalachia should lead him to a local stream for a refreshing red drink.

  2. “I think the permit process needs to be made easier for the federal level and the state level.” Is that a joke? Any easier and the permitting process literally wouldn’t exist.

    Also the exact quote was “I don’t think anyone’s going to be missing a hill or two here or there.” Wow, that is disgusting. Nothing screams “outsider” like a transplant from the coastal plains of Texas demeaning Kentucky’s mountains.

  3. Rand Paul worships one thing — property rights. EVERYTHING else is judged and aligned to its relationship to the property rights issue.

    Taxes — bad, because they take away my private property.
    MTR — up to the private property owner to do what they want with their property.
    Civil rights — yields to the rights of the property owner.
    Regulations — bad, because they keep me from doing what I want with my property.
    Government — bad, because it has the power to interfere with my private property.

    Rand Paul’s agenda, and the libertarian agenda it seems, is ultimately based on the celebration of the self and the complete rejection of the commonweal. I’m sorry to see it celebrated; I thought we as a society had learned something about the interdependence of humankind.

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