Kentucky’s U.S. Senate Race Has Now Turned Crazy

Did you see Rand Paul defend segregated lunch counters on Rachel Maddow last night? No, I’m not remotely exaggerating. [WATCH IT NOW]

If you missed the mayoral victory speeches on Tuesday night, check out Dan Klepal’s story for video. [C-J]

You folks should support this youth rugby league. Just saying. [More C-J]

Greg Fischer’s people are having a tough time letting go and can’t stop attacking the messenger. [We Get Comments]

I’m biting my lip on this one. Because it is absolutely sad and hilarious at the same time. [FatLip]

Pushing speculation that the Robert Felner scandal has tarnished the University of Louisville, the school has suspended its search for his replacement. [Nancy Rodriguez]

The libruls say Todd Lally is an extremist. [Think Progress]

Just a reminder – tomorrow is bike to work day. Even the University of Louisville is taking part. You should, too. Burn that fat off. Save some dough. [Broken Sidewalk]

Some crazy hippies will be at Rainbow Blossom trying to squirt you with smelly oils while doing devil tricks! [Consuming Louisville]

Jackie Green’s getting ready for the general election. Are you? If he gets out there often and loud enough, he could help sway the election. [WFPL]

You can send text message tips to the po-leece menz now. How convenient is that? [C-J]

9 thoughts on “Kentucky’s U.S. Senate Race Has Now Turned Crazy

  1. RE: “Did you see Rand Paul defend segregated lunch counters on Rachel Maddow last night? No, I’m not remotely exaggerating.”

    Can you point us to an exact time in the video where Paul states this? Because I certainly didn’t hear this. I think he makes it pretty clear that he doesn’t want the government making decisions for private business. Also note that he feels the opposite for any business that accepts public/government funding. I think his point about guns is very relevant. You should title the article “I call people names and don’t understand the constitution”

    I’m really tired of the Liberal slant on this site. Be fair.

  2. You know, Mr. Kentucky Farm Bureau, I’m pretty sick of your organization.

    Liberal slant? It’s my site. Don’t like it? Don’t read it. There’s no fairness here.

    That said – watch the video. I know my readers can and will. There’ll be no doubt in anybody’s mind that Rand Paul defends the right of business to discriminate on the basis of race. He refused to say he did not support segregated lunch counters.

    Keep spinning, folks, and complaining left and right. You can’t change what he said on national television.

  3. Jake,
    Thanks so much for the RUGBY mention!
    As a three decade participant of the game I’m thrilled with the level of interest in the youth leagues. Greatest team sport on the planet!

    “He who sheds blood with me this day is my brother!”

    I’ve been asked to help coach, and will likely do so next spring.

  4. What he’s defending is for private businesses to do private business.

    Do you support what he said about guns? If you owned a business, would you like the right to deny someone service and ask them to leave because they’re openly carrying (albeit legally) a weapon?

  5. I didn’t make anything public.

    You linked your Twitter profile. I clicked it. Discovered it from there.

    If you’re commenting FROM KFB? That’s even better. Goes along with the Todd Eklof discrimination suit. Great.

  6. Of course I support what he’s saying about guns. And I am on record – for three years – being a pro-gun individual.

    Ben Smith has an update. Rand Paul told Fox News it’s just the “loony left” out to get him. And he says he stands against “institutional racism.” But supports the right of businesses to discriminate against individuals on the basis of race.

    He can’t explain it away. That’s his position.

  7. About the suit you mentioned, I don’t know anything about it, but will find what I can. BTW: Your excerpt from the handbook, I dont know if that’s still in there or not, but you have a choice to work where you work and live where you live. Nobody forced anyone to work anywhere. If he had read the book, it wouldn’t have been a surprise to him. /end. Don’t want to hijack the topic.

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