It’s Friday! Anyone Else Had A Crazy Week?

What’s crazy? Keith Olbermann emailed me and then mentioned the site on-air last night. [Page One]

Really? Trashing people who want to preserve an entire historic district? I just… wow. [C-J]

HAHA – former mayoral candidate Fairdale Bigfoot says he is not Doug Hawkins. We’re not buying it. [Consuming Louisville]

Rescue chocolate. We’ll never feel guilty about eating chocolate again. [Click Here Immediately]

120 teachers at six troubled Jefferson County Public Schools facilities will be transferred. [Toni Konz]

Jim King pledged support for Greg Fischer while saying nice things about Hal Heiner. [Joe Arnold]

Shocker: Jerry Abramson says he’s ready to support Greg Fischer in the mayoral race. Everyone is super-surprised. [WFPL]

Governor Steve Beshear wants the legislature to deal with bourbon tasting. We approve 100%. [Bluegrass Politics]

Flashback: Sixth and Main’s Hamilton Bank Building of the past. [Broken Sidewalk]

Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship was reamed before the United States Senate on his mine safety record. You’ve gotta read this story. [Jim Carroll]

10 thoughts on “It’s Friday! Anyone Else Had A Crazy Week?

  1. Obviously Paul’s comments show how big a novice he is when it comes to national politics. Once the national media start focusing on some of his more “colorful” supporters, this will be his downfall. His father may be able to run some interference, but the racist/tea-party storyline fits their beliefs too well to let the story go. This is why I’m not a Paul fan.

    Ron and Rand Paul are the antithesis of a progressive 5th-grader’s political platform. Both platforms seem devoid of reality and real-life experience. The 5th grader at least has an excuse for being naive.

    That said, I’m just curious if you sandbagged this story until after the election understanding that Grayson wasn’t going to pull it out or did it just get national attention after he won? I’m not sure of the timeline.

  2. That’s disingenuous of you. You know fully well I consider Trey Grayson a friend and wanted him to make it to the general election.

    This issue didn’t matter until Rand Paul said what he said the day before the election and then on Maddow. At that point I felt it prudent to discuss what he’s said in the past.

    Grayson’s camp had all this info, I’m sure. Because it’s in my research book (if it’s in mine, it’s no doubt in theirs). Just like with all the Fischer stuff. Way more to come.

  3. I honestly wasn’t trying to be disingenuous since I thought you respected Grayson. That’s why I asked instead of outright accusing you of doing so.

    That’s why I asked for the context, or if it was already out there, but just now getting attention. I frankly haven’t kept up on all of your Rand Paul comments since I think he’s too simplistically ideological for the Senate.

  4. The scary thing is – the rabid Republican faction and many others will vote for ANYONE that they have been told is utterly & completely anti-Pres. Obama. ANYONE who professes to be against the mere fact that our President is breathing. ANYONE who wants to “throw the baby out with the bath water” on ANY issue that they perceive the Pres. to have even the most remote connection to. I get these vitriolic viral e-mails daily, most from tunnel-visioned Republican family members, but, surprisingly, some from formerly-committed Dems. The “inconvenient truths” don’t factor in to their anti-Obama zeal whatsoever.

  5. Would that be his teabag on a cold or warm day?

    I really didn’t need that visual to haunt me the rest of the day. Rand’s voice is disturbing enough.

    Between John Yarmuth, who sounds like Marvin The Martian, and Rand Paul, we’ll have the cartoon voiceovers covered.

    “Mutiny makes me very angry, very angry indeed. There shall be no more mutiny.”

  6. Don’t forget Sarah Palin. Her voice both makes my skin crawl and sets my teeth on edge.

    And like Rand Paul, her bigger-than-life presence is doing the GOP no favors at all.

  7. This is obviously bad for Paul, but it might end up being advantageous for him that this flap happened with so much time left in the process. “Early Christmas” for the Democrats? Maybe too early.

    And one wonders if any of this will change any votes in Kentucky. How many Republican voters will embrace Conway over this sort of thing? Only that and nothing else matters; goes without saying that the esteem of msnbc’s prime time talkers really doesn’t matter (and yes I realize the mess has metastasized beyond msnbc). As long as he manages to prove he’s not a racist to the satisfaction of enough Kentucky voters, the scorn of the Keith Olbermanns of the world is as they say a badge of honor. Now if at any point Fox starts talking him down, you’ll know he’s done.

    I do think Conway is smart to stay reticent and let others do the ranting and raving. It is possible to go overboard, and it’s not good if the candidate is the one going overboard.

    And if Grayson had the financial stuff, I’m dumbstruck as to why he didn’t use it. Perhaps he thought there was nothing there.

  8. How bout’ them haters on the CJ blog? When did opting for historic preservation become an objective of libruls and commies? I don’t listen to WHAS 84 or watch FOXNews, so are they on the warpath against saving architectural heritage and history now as well…looks as if the Rush Brigade’s been surfin the internets there.

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