Interesting Note About MAS & Gilles Meloche

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USDC Western District of Kentucky
Louisville, Bowling Green, Owensboro

Dr. Kendall Clay v. City of Louisville Metro; Giles Meloche, individually and as an agent of the Louisville Jefferson County Metro Government; Wayne Zelinsky, individually and as an agent of Louisville Department of Metro Animal Services
5/24/2010 3:10cv0371 Simpson III (Louisville)

Action for wrongful termination, whistleblower violations and violations of the U.S. Constitution. Defendant City of Louisville refused to renew the female veterinarian plaintiff’s employment contract in retaliation for complaining about being sexually harassed by her male supervisor, defendant Meloche, and for reporting that its non-veterinarian employees were using prescribed medications without proper authorization to treat animals.


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UPDATE: Since I’ve been knee-deep in Frankfort messes, take a look at Jonathan Meador’s story on the matter:

Former Louisville Metro Animal Services Director Gilles “Zheels” Meloche and interim MAS Director Wayne Zelinsky have been slapped with a second sexual harassment lawsuit, according to legal documents filed just days ago with the U.S. District Court of Western Kentucky at Louisville.

The plaintiff, former LMAS veterinarian Kendall Clay, alleges (among other things) that Meloche sent her lewd text messages, lured her to Proof on Main under the auspices of a “work meeting” (which Meloche later referred to as “their date) and used his close-knit, “almost … gay” working relationship with Mayor Jerry Abramson to keep Clay quiet out of fear of being replaced by another veterinarian. Furthermore, it also alleges that Zelinsky and Metro Government employees did nothing to aid Clay during and after the period of harassment.

In addition, the suit also alleges that Meloche and Zelinsky promised Clay a formal contract worth $10,000 that never materialized. According to the documents, LMAS reneged on their original offer of paying Clay $400 per day and lowered it to just $35 an hour. “Instead of a signed written contract,” the brief states, “Defendant Meloche through his agents and/or employees explained she would be paid in increments out of a $10,000 allotment.”

You’ll definitely want to read the rest.

Juicy, juicy.

6 thoughts on “Interesting Note About MAS & Gilles Meloche

  1. The more things change, the more they remain the same.

    Hopefully, Meloche and the ‘mess at MAS’ will be the anchor that takes Jerry & his new BFF, Beshear, to the bottom of the Kentucky River in their bid to be crowned King & Queen of Frankfort.

    As if Meloche wasn’t bad enough, co-defendant Zelinski has TEN YEARS in law enforcement and so far, four lawsuits in both Federal & State court naming him. Nice work. Just the sort of folks we need to keep around on the government payola.

  2. Off topic – I ordered a copy of Denise Bentley’s book (I know I’m stupid but I had to read it) – still have not received it, has anyone gotten a copy?

  3. When will the Kentucky Board of Veterinary Examiners act on a complaint filed about Meloche almost one year ago? The well documented complaint alleges that Dr. Meloche made material misstatements in his application for veterinary license. Now there are also allegations that he dispensed prescription meds without examining the animals and gave those meds to a non veterinarian and that he euthanized cats and kittens with heart sticks and no anesthesia. Simply disgusting. The citizens of this Commonwealth expect and deserve the Board of Veterinary Examiners to protect them. Time to do your job!!!

  4. It’s completely amazing how stories which clearly question Abramson’s leadership capabilities in employee/management selection are routinely lost in the Courier-Journal after the first writing. There’s never any follow up. I also can’t understand why the television media doesn’t pick up on this stuff and really do something about it. It’s almost as if Louisvillians are in a sleep walk.

  5. He who laughs last, laughs the hardest…. and i have been laugh at these two idiots for months. I needed some comic relief way to go Zelshitheadski. i guess your plan to be outta sight and therefore outta mind just didn’t quite pan out did it. Tick tick tick zelshitheadski I hear the clock counting down on your employment. When the new mayor comes the clock strikes midnight and your little fantasy ride ends. Ha, ha, ha, ha……. breathe …..ha,ha,ha,ha…. Aahhhhh, there is justice out there and shes after you!!!!

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