Friday Morning Dept. Of Ed Hart To The Rescue

Will Ed Hart buy Kentucky Kingdom back? Looks to be in the works. [Business First]

Jerry Abramson has presented his proposed budget for the next fiscal year. How do you feel about it? [WFPL]

Will we get away with not raising taxes in Louisville? Is this sleight of hand? Honestly asking. [WAVE3]

The Iron Quarter made it on Louisville’s Top 10 Most Endangered History Places list. [C-J]

The Herald-Leader is all over proposed federal legislation that could weaken bourbon standards. Where’s the other big newspaper on the matter? I’ve been foaming at the mouth about this for a while and am floored that no one else is aggravated. [H-L]

Of course the data is questionable (likely just from Mint users), but check out the state of the coffee economy. Louisville’s is doing pretty well. [Consuming Louisville]

Now that Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell has essentially passed, will the gays flood the military? I think we’re going to take over, re-arrange everything and turn everyone else gay, for fun. [HuffPo]

Why didn’t the Courier-Journal include the salacious bit from the latest sexual harassment lawsuit that said Gilles Meloche and Jerry Abramson had an almost gay relationship? The LEO included it. The plaintiff, former LMAS veterinarian Kendall Clay, alleges (among other things) that Meloche sent her lewd text messages, lured her to Proof on Main under the auspices of a “work meeting” (which Meloche later referred to as “their date) and used his close-knit, “almost … gay” working relationship with Mayor Jerry Abramson to keep Clay quiet out of fear of being replaced by another veterinarian. Furthermore, it also claims that Zelinsky and Metro government employees did nothing to aid Clay during or after the period of alleged harassment. Awful, I know, as i’ve written about it in the past. But why ignore that juicy bit? [Just Wondering Why That Would Be HIdden]

9 thoughts on “Friday Morning Dept. Of Ed Hart To The Rescue

  1. Surprised that there weren’t any layoffs proposed. The rumblings I had heard indicated some might be called for. Phew.

  2. All the rumors about the “gay” thing with Jerry Abramson have been rampant for 20 years, if there was any truth to that something solid would have come to the surface by now. Any substance to those rumors has never been accredited?….and with as many people that don’t like Jerry you’d think someone would have the goods if the rumors were true?

  3. I’m not talking about a rumor. I’m talking about allegations in a lawsuit involving Metro Government.

    Nor am I discussing sexual orientation.

    It just seems like you’d want to nix those rumors if you’re the paper of record… instead of ignoring them… especially in something so scandalous a lawsuit involving MAS…

  4. The way it is worded “almost….gay” leads me to believe it is not meant to straightforwardly imply a gay relationship; but rather to criticize and put down the closeness of the relationship. If so I find that terminology offensive. I am constantly having to battle my kid’s peers in teaching them not to talk that way.

    Kudos to Ed Hart and now we can look forward to a better Kentucky Kingdom!

  5. I agree with Jake. Both the WAVE and the WLKY stories included this information. As Dr. Clay’s attorney said in the WLKY story, we will have to see how Dr. Meloche responds. Many employees at LMAS heard Dr. Meloche make similar comments. Jerry was told on numerous occasions that Meloche would be his albatross. He closed his eyes to the whole hot mess.

  6. Mark: My point exactly.

    It’s offensive. And salacious. And newsworthy.

    While Meloche was obviously corrupt, using homophobia in a lawsuit discredits it on many levels.

  7. Jake, thats my point and I agree with you, Meloche used that comment to insinuate that he was privy to knowing the Mayor closely to BULLY someone,and used the homopobe play to accomplish his intemidation.
    The newsworthy part , AS always with the MAYOR, basicly goes unaddressed, cause it eventually gets forgotten, It this case I guess its different since it’s record in a lawsuit?
    Meloche was definately a Smuck!….He’ll get whats comming to him in the end, and So will Jerry!

  8. Mayor Happy Pants has avoided the repartee questioning his sexual orientation for his entire political career because (1) the CJ has ignored it and discussion of it, (2) he has NEVER had an opponent who conducted a McConnell-esque race and (3) he has never ventured out of Louisville into ‘plowed ground’ even to endorse another candidate. All of that is now changing and Happy is about to get skewered on ‘plowed ground’ by opponents in a much bigger election and the CJ simply will not be able to hide it. A Louisville resident, who’s Jewish and has the sexual orientation question will NEVER win a state-wide race in Kentucky. So Beshear is toast.

  9. One more thing– I’m not saying that I am happy about Happy’s predicament. None of those facts should be a reason to vote against anyone, BUT reality must be the guide, here — and that reality is that the election will be in KENTUCKY, one of the most backward states in America. It simply won’t fly. Beshear was a fool to include him in a state-wide ticket. They BOTH will be skewered.

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