11 thoughts on “FOX41 President Endorses Jim King

  1. Bravo! Finally someone willing to talk publicly – around the CJ – about the skills necessary for the job of mayor instead of personality flaws. This race is for the job of oversight for Louisville. I want the leader who has the right skills. Like him or dislike him, Mr. King has the skills to pick up this ball and run with it for the better of Louisville.

  2. If no one will run with King Kong, the ball gets lossed and game over.

    Elect Tyler who has skills to create a team,
    gain consensus and lead.

  3. Jim King has the experience and the background to take Louisville to become one of the great cities in the nation. For Possibilty City to exist-Jim King should be your vote.

  4. Can’t wait for Hal Heiner to get elected so he can call in the Orkin man and de-louse the City offices before being sworn in.

    Run Jane, run!

  5. As much as I like to rag on Lamb, I think his endorsement is significant. It won’t be enough to secure a win for King, but it will probably make him a close second.

  6. Are we supposed to be impressed with Fox 41? I guess they are supporting King since he went to a Mitch McConnell fundraiser at the home of Larry Bisig.

  7. Bill Lamb’s endorsement IS significant. The reasoning as expressed in his editorial is far superior to the pitiful reasoning offered by the C.J. for opposing King’s nomination. Everyone who votes should examine Lamb’s video vis-a-vis the C.J.’s effort. It’s enlightening.

  8. I think Fox41 appeals to all the centrist/conservative Democrats, especially outside the Urban Services District, and I do I think it will help King’s numbers. I also suspect Fox41 will replay this endorsement multiple times on-air.

    Fischer, regretfully, still will win though. But it’s only the primary.

    Any strong (and I mean STRONG) independents willing to consider the race this year?

  9. The filing deadline for independent candidates is sometime in August, I think. However, I would think any serious candidates need to be filing very soon so they can have the summer to organize.

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