Like Tennis? Here’s Your Chance To Give Back

On July 4, the Tennis Alliance of Louisville Kentucky (TALK), an LGBT sports organization, will host its signature event: the Bluegrass Tennis Open Tournament. It takes place at the University of Louisville Bass Rudd Tennis Center.

Part of the national Gay and Lesbian Tennis Alliance Tour, all proceeds benefit the House of Ruth, an agency assisting individuals with HIV/AIDS.

Wanna play? Know someone who does? Interested in TALK? Click here. Membership is open to any adult who endorses and subscribes to the organization’s mission, which is to create an environment that fosters fellowship and promotes healthy competition among tennis players in the LGBT community.

Members receive free or discounted entry to most club events – including tennis socials, ladder leagues, doubles leagues, et al.

Friday Morning Dept. Of Ed Hart To The Rescue

Will Ed Hart buy Kentucky Kingdom back? Looks to be in the works. [Business First]

Jerry Abramson has presented his proposed budget for the next fiscal year. How do you feel about it? [WFPL]

Will we get away with not raising taxes in Louisville? Is this sleight of hand? Honestly asking. [WAVE3]

The Iron Quarter made it on Louisville’s Top 10 Most Endangered History Places list. [C-J]

The Herald-Leader is all over proposed federal legislation that could weaken bourbon standards. Where’s the other big newspaper on the matter? I’ve been foaming at the mouth about this for a while and am floored that no one else is aggravated. [H-L]

Of course the data is questionable (likely just from Mint users), but check out the state of the coffee economy. Louisville’s is doing pretty well. [Consuming Louisville]

Now that Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell has essentially passed, will the gays flood the military? I think we’re going to take over, re-arrange everything and turn everyone else gay, for fun. [HuffPo]

Why didn’t the Courier-Journal include the salacious bit from the latest sexual harassment lawsuit that said Gilles Meloche and Jerry Abramson had an almost gay relationship? The LEO included it. The plaintiff, former LMAS veterinarian Kendall Clay, alleges (among other things) that Meloche sent her lewd text messages, lured her to Proof on Main under the auspices of a “work meeting” (which Meloche later referred to as “their date) and used his close-knit, “almost … gay” working relationship with Mayor Jerry Abramson to keep Clay quiet out of fear of being replaced by another veterinarian. Furthermore, it also claims that Zelinsky and Metro government employees did nothing to aid Clay during or after the period of alleged harassment. Awful, I know, as i’ve written about it in the past. But why ignore that juicy bit? [Just Wondering Why That Would Be HIdden]

The Mayor’s Hike & Bike’s A Good Thing

You know there’s not much about Mayor Jerry Abramson that I enjoy.

But the Hike & Bike? It’s a good thing, for sure. And it takes place on Monday, running from Waterfront Park to Iroquois Park.

Here’s the route this year:

And here’s the agenda:

  • 9:00 A.M. — Booths Open, sign up for door prizes, pick up route map, get free (limited) t-shirts & helmets
  • 9:05 A.M. — Warm up with Fierce Fitness by Design
  • 10:00 A.M. — Call to the Post/Mayor’s Welcome/Door Prizes

Bike Start Times:

  • 10:05 A.M. — Expert/Ride Teams
  • 10:08 A.M. — Experienced Riders
  • 10:11 A.M. — Frequent Riders
  • 10:14 A.M. — Families/New Riders

Hike Start Times:

  • 10:12 A.M. — Hikers, Walkers, Strollers, Wagons & Wheelchairs
  • 10:15 A.M. — Dogs and Owners
  • 11:45 A.M. – 1:00 P.M. — Music

You should definitely take part.

Thursday Morning Dept of U.S. Senate Race Hoopla

Rand Paul basically admitted he planned on changing his positions post-primary. [Page One]

And the Paul Family have been brushing off the racist moniker for years. [More P1]

Geeks will be eating and drinking today, in case you were wondering. [Consuming Louisville]

Did you know? There are new U.S. fuel efficiency standards for trucks. [Swedish American Green Alliance]

How mean of Branden Klayko to move to Brooklyn. Somebody send him a soiled diaper and tell him how awful he is for not spending 100% of his time in Louisville. [Broken Sidewalk]

Fairdale really does deserve a new library. Who will complain about it? [Business First]

Rand Paul really is good at accusing his opponent, the media and the White House of lying about him and distorting what he’s said. Never mind that he’s the one who does that all for himself. [The Atlantic]

Will Kentucky Kingdom ever reopen? Will Louisville ever stop losing? Does a *insert anything* poop in the *insert location*? [WLKY]

Something tells me there’s no way Frankfort can really solve our problems. Like the budget. No one is holding their breath. [Tom Loftus]

John Yarmuth spoke to the bar belle and they recorded it, for the internet, for free. [FatLip]

Killing Kentucky’s Bourbon Industry Just Isn’t Cool

Somebody send me this shirt. Size small. Amen. [WHY LOUISVILLE]

Larry Clark is trying to kill Kentucky’s bourbon industry. Folks need to get outraged over this.  [Bluegrass Politics]

Metro Government is consolidating its automobile fleet. I’d write about it, but Jerry Abramson’s spokesgays can’t handle even a bit of warranted criticism and yanked me from their fancy list. [Joe Arnold]

The next city budget predicts a slight revenue increase. Something doesn’t smell right. [WFPL]

Kentucky’s April unemployment rate dropped to 10.6%. [Page One]

That Pussycat girl won some fancy dancing contest on the teevee! [WHAS11]

TARC’s service cuts go into effect on June 6: #35 Indian Trail, #58 Bashford Manor/Oxmoor, #59 River Road, #80 Hurstbourne Parkway. [Press Release]

The Belle of Louisville’s 96th (!!) Season opens Memorial Day Weekend and you should take a fancy cruise. I mean, the boat has fancy air conditioning this year. [Click the Clicky]

Chief Robert White is now a finalist for the Atlana job. [Jessie Halladay]

It is a shame that the libruls have not tagged my giant Republican automobile with a Gas-Hole magnet. [Swiss Miss via Broken Sidewalk]