10 thoughts on “Tyler Allen’s New Neighborhoods Video Thing

  1. As a young professional who has left and then returned to Louisville, I would love to see Tyler Allen win the primary.

    At the same time I feel like he doesn’t have a chance, and vague, pointless videos like this aren’t helping.

    What is this video trying to say? Let’s turn Section-8 housing into sharp looking apartments/strip malls? This video reminds me of Liberty Green and all the promise of that project. As I recall that project only pissed off the Clarksdale residents that were there, and already Liberty Green is looking very rough. This videos looks like the exact same thing…..

    I guess my question is, who sees this video and then wants to vote for Allen?

    I want to hear realistic thoughts on what Tyler will accomplish as Mayor; meaning things that can actually happen. Perhaps then he might be thought of as a legit candidate instead of just a nice guy with some progressive ideas.

  2. Voters repeatedly complain about mayoral candidates lacking a vision for the future of our city. Well, here’s an attempt by one candidate to show some of that vision thing.

  3. Or at a minimum a vision that makes sense to voters.

    I am down with 8664 and I think it’s a strong “lofty vision” for a mayoral candidate. That being said there needs to be realistic vision as well that will make a tangible difference in the citizens everyday lives.

    Even if Allen is voted in as Mayor in November, the chances of getting an 8664 or neighborhood transition project off the ground is not guaranteed. Allen needs to let us know how the city will be better in “everyday” ways with him in charge.

  4. TAV, I have personally encouraged the campaign to put out more specifics, and I hope and think they will. They already put out a realistic vision and proposal for education, and I’m looking forward to more.

  5. This vision in this video is totally realistic. I was in Denver last year it’s done. Boulder did it, too.

    As for the way the city would be better in everyday ways, (legitimate question from TAV), that would not depend as much on Tyler’s values, but yours. That’s because Tyler listens. He does not lobby Frankfort to create this “Authority” or that “Authority” to stifle your voice. In fact, he’s spent the last few years lobbying that our community so you could have a voice in decisions that affect us. So supporting Tyler Allen for mayor does not mean you are endorsing 8664, this bridge or that one, but it means you are endorsing the kind of decision-making where your voice is actually heard.

    Disclosure: I work for Tyler Allen Campaign, where his door is always open. Stop in our headquarters, 600 E. Main, if you have something to say, and it will be heard.

  6. Steve and Curtis – Thanks for the smart replies

    Steve – Good call on the education vision. I found his plan well thought out and it presented (at least to me the casual observer) a different side of Allen that only firmed my vote for him. I look forward to hearing more of that nature.

    Curtis – I don’t mean to say that the idea is unrealistic; only that it doesn’t speak to the people that Allen needs to be reaching out to. I believe (opinion not based on any fact) that Allen probably has the support of many “Louisville idealists” that see the city for what it could be instead of what it is. In order to get past the primary, Allen will need to inspire the voters that do not care about neighborhoods, developments and waterfronts that they never visit or think of.

    Thanks for the HQ invite, I hope that I can take you up on that in the next few weeks.

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