7 thoughts on “Tyler Allen’s Got A New Campaign Video

  1. I now agree with Tyler Allen that is really the main issue in this campaign. If we move ahead with tolling existing bridges and a disastrous downtown portion of the ORBP, then Louisville will be ruined forever.

    I am absolutely comfortable with Tyler being a “single issue candidate” as this is the single most important issue that the city faces. It ties not only into transportation matters, but regional economic matters as well.

    Abridge the Bridges Project. Stop the Tolls. Build the East End Bridge, then Re-evaluate.

  2. I have heard this said before and I’ve been thinking about it for a while and I now agree with Steve & KYGuy. The ramifications of this one action are so broad that I think a candidate can viably run on this one issue and present a compelling case for being elected.

  3. Everybody is for jobs, education,puppies, and against crime. These are always important issues but the bridge issue is unique and differentiates among the candidates

    Tyler is the only candidate with the peoples interest on this one as the others are beholden to River Fields, construction contractors etc.

  4. People in this community need to understand that the downtown bridge project/SJ is the biggest issue facing Louisville’s future. If you want to really open up the brain drain of young educated profesionals leaving Louisville put an LA style interchange on Louisville’s downtown waterfront + tolls.

  5. tyler allen is toast.

    whether or not the bridges project comes to fruition, what happens AFTER that?

    allen is a one issue candidate, and it is going to kill him. i am now convinced more than ever that this mayoral candidacy was nothing more than a stunt to promote 8664, which is an issue that the community has already decided is a bad idea.

    until allen provides more ideas other than bridges, i say jake should ignore him.

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