Starting Another Crazy Mayoral Campaign Week

This afternoon State Auditor of Public Accounts Crit Luallen will appear before the Metro Council to discuss her office’s audit of Metro Government. Republican councilcritters tell me the questions they’ve got prepared for Luallen will make Jerry Abramson’s political career even more limp. [Don’t Miss It]

Today at 10:00 A.M. Hal Heiner will announce a “significant endorsement” during a press conference at the River City FOP lodge. Hmm, what could that be? [Media Adivsory]

Steve Beshear appointed banker Luther Deaton, Jr. of Lexington to the Bi-State Bridge Authority. Yup, another non-Louisvillian. [Press Release]

Finally! Wayside may legally be able to operate its shelter downtown! [WFPL]

Check out this great story from Ambassador Matthew Barzun about some Kentuckians and the TEDx Conference. [DipNote]

The Courier-Journal editorial board is not having any of Jim Ramsey’s WATB letter about transparency. [C-J]

We’re probably all screwed with this new LG&E/KY-Duke Energy deal. [WLKY]

So why did E.ON stick it to Jerry Abramson and his pals? What gives? Why can’t the Water Company get a chance to buy everything up? [Business First]

You don’t have to agree with the Courier-Journal on anything because, well, who does? But you should check out the voter guide. It’s not live as of this writing, but it could be soon. [C-J]

Take your pets to this Derby Festival event and have a cocktail. [Consuming Louisville]

Get rid of just SOME urban billboards? Let’s get rid of them all. [Broken Sidewalk]

9 thoughts on “Starting Another Crazy Mayoral Campaign Week

  1. Is the Courier ignoring the probable E.on purchase by Duke Energy because Jerry hasn’t approved it yet? (applies to both the deal and the story)

    Will Jerry announce next week that Operation Brightside is buying Duke Energy?

    Seriously – isn’t this big enough of a story for them? Or are they filing it with all the stories about Titan Development. You know, the ones where the weekly Business First beat the hell out of them?

  2. According to the Duke Energy website, their Carolina energy rates are 20-30% lower than the US average.

    If true, will that translate to keeping the E.on and KU rates also 20-30% lower than the US average?

  3. “Skull & Bones at Belknap”

    UofL Foundation admits it violated the law.
    Ramsey still seeks donors for it.
    Conclusion: Abominable practices that thrive in the darkness of a despicable secret society that gives to the whims of privileged Card honchos.

  4. Ramsey needs to be forced out and the whole institution needs to be audited. Seems to be a consensus of the majority around here.

  5. Bill–a consensus by people who care, but quite evidently not the trustees. They don’t seem to understand what the job of a trustee is.

  6. Of course! Maybe enough people need to start caring and withholding those donations to the university until they finally figure out to clean their act up or maybe government needs to do it since U of L doesn’t have the management with enough integrity to do so. They really don’t understand what a trustee is. It would be like being a legal guardian and letting your kid play in the street.

    Maybe enough people need to start questioning their motives and actions and we can start by changing things. Seems that if someone in federal or even state government would pay attention we could have a good full scale investigation of the whole debacle that U of L has become.

  7. I guess Jerry didn’t want to get into the fray bad enough to purchase EON. Maybe they knew something the rest of us don’t know about what a jacked up organization they would be. Not that incompetence was ever bad in the Abramson administration. After all, you can fudge the numbers and the budget issues and then turn around have your director retire and then hire her back. Strange isn’t it.

    Even as poorly as LGE/Eon has been run, its going to be interesting to see how the transition to Duke is going to change things. Are we looking at massive rate increases because of the mismanagement of LGE and the storm problems or are things going to be better run. I’m sure our counterparts in Indiana can help and chime in on what Duke has done with their electric situation including the bills, etc.

  8. “Soft Air Balls at UofL”

    Bill & Blowin’, worthy comments. But do you really think the Board (of Cadavers) or anyone in state government has the gonads to investigate what is going on at UofL? The Board is on ice at the morgue, and state officials (including the Legislature) could well be called “Captains Uncourageous.” As le gardien constantly refrains, JR (ex-state budget man) has them by the cojones with his J. Edgar Hoover-like knowledge of their pasts.

  9. I would love to know if UofL’s trustees are subject to the same legal responsibilities as a private non-profit’s board – especially with respect to financial management, governance not to mention employment-related issues such as discrimination, harassment, and wrongful termination.

    If so, I consider all teh scandal there a true “breach of duty” for which they can and should be held accountable.

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