Something’s Going Down On Dixie Highway

An April 23 Courier-Journal story noted that a neighborhood meeting will be held today to discuss a possible retail center at 7144 Dixie Highway.

The meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. at Mosaic United Methodist Church, 8008 St. Andrews Church Road.

Mark and Terry Clemons, owners of Park TV Sales and Service are planning to construct a retail center on four parcels of land they own at the site and along Textile Avenue. Before submitting a development proposal, however, they are required to hold a neighborhood meeting with adjoining property owners and community leaders.

Then somebody left the following comment on the story:

CRACKER BARREL was committed to establishing a location on the northwest corner of Dixie Hwy. and KY 841 (Snyder) a few years ago.

BUT, they backed out because of the actions of Bill Gray, the Trustee Chairman of Bethany United Methodist Church and a close associate of 14th Metro Councilman “Bubba” Bob Henderson. (Bill Gray was later appointed by Abramson to the MSD board of directors.)

How do I know this?
A letter from Cracker Barrel dated Sept. 29, 2003 addressed to Bill Gray is in the Planning and Zoning file for that case, and it states: “… you represented … that the church could not sell its property. … We are now at a point where … you are selling the church property. This was a COMPLETE SURPRISE …. I no longer have confidence in this project….” (Signed) David Sawyer, Real Estate Manager.

So folks, it was Bill Gray, Bob Henderson, and Bethany United Methodist Church that screwed things up. Cracker Barrel no longer trusted these guys. So they backed out.

I’m not sure what the entire deal is, but it’s interesting and involves Chris Thieneman.

Here’s the letter referenced by the commenter:


Our anonymous tipster apparently wants us to go on a wild goose chase. So if anyone has information to add, please do so in the comments.

8 thoughts on “Something’s Going Down On Dixie Highway

  1. Those guys are a bunch of dumbasses for running Cracker Barrel off. Have you ever been in one on a Sunday at 12:30?!

  2. Hell, we ran off an NBA team here when Armstrong was mayor — why is anyone surprised that we’d run off a Cracker Barrel. You can’t fake being dumb — the big boys catch you every time!! Just caught Abrahamson the other day w/LGE deal.

  3. Cracker Barrel is probably one of the most successfull chain models out there and are well run. I’d would have been a great fit for that location. The Highlander is on the mark, we need to run off the dumb asses, any stop letting this kind of thing happen.
    Maybe Cracker Barrel wants to be the anchor tennant at the Iron Quarter, or can retro fit the bowling alley at 4th st when they spit the bit!…Think Jerry can scrape up another Million or so to get that done?

  4. Some on this site would rather have us put a lavender building at that location or more probably nothing at all since it would hurt the historical nature of what they’re doing. After all they have to keep it historical. Louisville is plenty historical and you can see it in the run down buildings, ratty houses, and other derelict structures around town.

    That’s why most big cities are trying to clean up their cities and redevelop their downtown areas. Not Louisville though, its crumbling into a mess of gigantic proportions. Time for a poo report of what a hot mess that Louisville is becoming.

  5. Chuck – Exactly how does the revitalization of 4th Street qualify Louisville as “crumbling into a mess of gigantic proportions”?

    But, more importantly, the Dixie Hwy corridor has been, and most likely will always be, a haven for lower socio-economic infrastructure. At that rate, it will encompass mid to low level corporate investment and I assure you, the Mayor knows this. Right, wrong, or indifferent, he’d be throwing good money after bad if he stepped up any plans for that part of Louisville. If you believe any different, I’ve got a Bridge and a Downtown Arena to sell you!

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