Shannon White’s Just A Working Class Lady

Oh, hey, lookit on the Twitter:

Shannon White is just an everyday working class mom with kids in a working class private school, who wants to be all working class and tear down houses in the West End to create gardens– because that (ha) makes sense, and she’s just an everyday working class woman who can’t wait to join a working class golf league in the working class Original Highlands neighborhood where an annual pass is just a working class $375.

How common.

6 thoughts on “Shannon White’s Just A Working Class Lady

  1. not sure what you’re saying here jake. i’m not defending white and i’m not a golfer, but it seems to me that louisville is a city in which golfing is a popular past-time among all kinds of folks – especially since we have so many good public (i.e., inexpensive) courses.

    louisville is also a place where parochial schools are part of the culture. while i might send my kids to public school, people of lesser means than i have will choose catholic school, for instance, for reasons other than money.

    reading between the lines, there also seems to be the suggestion that the original highlands is NOT the economically diverse – in some cases VERY affordable neighborhood that it is. but maybe i’m reading that wrong.

  2. I’m saying that Shannon promotes herself as some everyday working woman. Sometimes even as lower middle class. And she’s not.

    If I had kids, I’d send them to private school, too. That’s not my criticism. My criticism is that she shouldn’t act as if it’s some minor thing. It’s major. Private school is expensive. Most families in Louisville cannot afford it.

    And most families in Louisville cannot afford to own a home in the Highlands. There are far more people out in the hinterlands than there are here in our cozy neighborhoods of the Highlands and Crescent Hill.

  3. I’d be happier about tearing down houses if the city would do it faster, and actually take ownership of the lots, combine them and sell them. Doesn’t seem to occur to her that you can’t plant gardens on lots you don’t actually own. Let’s try cleaning UP the lots first?

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