Sad! Julie Tam Ran Away With Her Blue Glove!

Yesterday Congressman John Yarmuth introduced legislation to reject the influence of Hugo Chavez (FEAR!!1!) and Saudi Arabian oil companies in American elections. The resolution condemns the Supreme Court’s decision to allow unlimited spending by foreign-owned corporations, Wall Street banks and bailed-out CEOs. [Press Release]

Wondering how fundraising is going for Jerry Abramson and Steve Beshear? Should also probably check out that crazy burn rate. [Page One]

Yesterday Brooks Wicker endorsed Rand Paul for U.S. Senate. The rest of the world yawned. [Press Release]

What? You thought the insurance fight with hospitals in Louisville was over? No UofL physicians are ticked at Humana. [C-J]

Today at 11:30 the County Attorney will announce the annual list of delinquent child support obligors. Three previous lists have resulted in the location of more than 4,900 individuals and $4.4 million in child support collections. [Media Advisory]

Jim King discussed his economic plan and recent polling with the radio people. [WFPL]

The latest JCPS ExCEL Award goes to Manual Spanish teacher Tim Smith. Congratulations! [Press Release]

Yesterday Churchill Downs Inc announced three big employee moves: Timothy Bryant, Harrahs exec, becoming President of Fair Grounds Race Course & Slots; Austin Miller leaves Fair Grounds to become President at Calder Casino & Race Course; Tom O’Donnell steps down at Calder. [Press Release]

State Rep. Joni Jenkins endorsed Jim King for mayor. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Huh. Guess that one slipped by me. Julie Tam is now at NBC in Dallas-Fort Worth. Guess she took her blue gloves with her. Taminator! [Twitter]

I have avoided talking about Connie Marshall because I think she’s batshiz and it’s sad. But. Uh. That woman is BATSHIZ. [Gabe Bullard]

2 thoughts on “Sad! Julie Tam Ran Away With Her Blue Glove!

  1. “Humana & Physicians, Heal Yourselves”

    The dispute between Humana and UofL physicians presents a microcosm of why we need universal health care in this most greedy of nations–the only one in the known universe that claims it is “civilized” and does not have such coverage. One reason the World Health Organization ranks our health care as #37 across the globe.
    P.S. Tea Party wingnuts: Before you reply, try to put yourselves in the shoes of the 38 million or so who do not have health care coverage. Sorry, I forget–I know such use of the imagination is an impossibility for many of you.

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