Rep. Jenkins’ Escaped Cat Monster Terrorizing City

This week Fairdale Bigfoot provides advice about the Pope Lick Goat Monster. Nobody realizes that it isn’t a goat. It’s actually a large cat that escaped from Rep. Joni Jenkins cat farm some years ago. [Consuming Louisville]

Yesterday Congressman John Yarmuth delivered a $95,000 check to the Muhammad Ali Center to support the educational outreach efforts of the Center’s Council of Students. [Press Release]

Shocking, surreal footage of Daniel Mongiardo’s dance moves and his wife’s unbelievable addiction. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Basically everybody and their mother opposes tolls. Because we all know that nobody is going to pay to go to Indiana unless they need to go to the good Meijer or take out-of-town relatives to the Falls. [C-J]

Yesterday PVA Tony Lindauer was endorsed by UFCW 227. [Press Release]

Everybody is just so mean to those poor, impoverished folks who want to toll bridges! So mean! [FOX41]

Greg Fischer’s campaign announced that he’ll unveil his “Animal Services Plan” tomorrow at 10:00 A.M. at his campaign headquarters. [Desperate Move]

Louisville Gas & Electric wants yet another coal ash mountain. Rather, a 60-acre coal waste landfill. 60 acres. Quick, everybody act surprised. [C-J]

Isn’t it ironic to see the Louisville-Jefferson County Democratic Party sending out email blasts debunking health care myths? I mean, after the Chair and a few others openly endorsed Daniel Mongiardo, a health care denier and flip-flopper? [Louisville Dems]

1 thought on “Rep. Jenkins’ Escaped Cat Monster Terrorizing City

  1. β€œIt has powerful, fur-covered goat legs, an alabaster-skinned face with an aquiline nose and wide set eyes.”

    I think I just saw it driving down Lexington Road entering Jim Porter’s Good Time Emporium on a Friday’s Ladies Night.

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