10 thoughts on “Pee Alert: Judge-Executive Candidate Strikes Fear

  1. I think it’s hilarious how people actually try for the County Commissioners and Judge-Ex. All you get is a sheet of paper from the County Clerk saying, congrats you won. You have no office, no duties, no salary, absolutely zero to do, but congrats…

    The KY Constitution says we need to have these offices.

  2. You’re right, Tony, but remember than in all the other counties, these positions ARE powerful. Being in one of these positions allows you to tell your friends in those other counties that you are the Judge/Executive in the state’s largest county. They might be impressed if they are ignorant of the fact the person really doesn’t have any real power.

    Personally, I think they ought to put these positions on the Planning and Zoning Commission, so that at least a couple of the members of that commission will know that they have to face the voters directly — might change some of the things that commission does for the better.

  3. Theoretically, the planning/zoning commission is supposed to be staffed with people who have backgrounds that make them knowledgeable enough to tackle the various (sometimes highly technical) issues that come before them. Also, keeping them away from politics ensures that they will work to make sure everything stays within the law, including the spirit of the law. It’s hard to do that kind of work with political pressures surrounding them.

    There are a lot of public decisions that really should not be made according to public opinion poll. If people disagree, perhaps they would then agree to having many of our police officers be elected too.

  4. In theory, you are right, Steve. I was thinking of the Javanon issue, among others, when I made that suggestion. We have a BOZA in Jefferson County that is really a bozo, and needs to be replaced.

    BTW, we elect the sheriff. He IS answerable to the people, as are some judges, including the state Supreme Court. I do think that the sheriff position should be non-partisan, just like judges.

  5. I think that instead of making positions electorally political, we should look first to establishing the greatest transparency, and also reviewing/changing the laws to ensure that the public (and especially stakeholders) have a chance to make their voices heard at the earliest points in BOZA processes.

    Major positions like judges and sheriffs would seem to call for elections, and I agree they should be nonpartisan.

  6. Padding one’s resume’ while aspiring to a future political office of significance?

  7. As a fellow candidate for the CJ/E position, I’d like to point out that the position could be used for good, despite it’s impotent appearance.

    For instance, membership in the Kentucky County Judge/Executive association gives access to 100 of the most politically-powerful people in the state. That access could be used for lobbying for say, building a consensus for regional issues like Statewide Fairness.

    Also, I have a theory this elected position could enable an outsider to speak freely about what what they see going on with just a tiny little bit of credibility.

    Elect me and I’ll let you know how that goes.

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