More Greg Fischer Disconnects With The City

Karen Sparrow, Greg Fischer’s leading lady in his second television spot, comes across as a genuinely great lady. But guess what?

She’s either not registered to vote or isn’t a Louisvillian.

Take a look at this screenshot from voter file:


Wouldn’t it make sense to use an actual voter or someone who lives in Louisville?

Apparently those sorts of things don’t matter when you’re running for mayor of Louisville.

11 thoughts on “More Greg Fischer Disconnects With The City

  1. No, it doesn’t matter. E-town and Simpsonville are parts of this community. If Louisville is to achieve the growth all mayoral candidates talk about a regional mindset is a must.

  2. how do you have access to the voter file? and why do you think King will make a better mayor than fischer?

  3. I can’t believe Fischer would be so stupid as to not only tout a business that is not in Jefferson County, but also have someone in his company on his commercial that is not from Jefferson County either??? Am I missing something? What a moron – either that or he doesn’t have anyone from Louisville at Dant. Wow! How stupid!

  4. Blackeynative: How do I have access to anything? All I have to do is ask a question and folks will usually answer. Which is what happened in that scenario.

    You folks need to get over thinking I’m a Jim King fan. I think ANYBODY will be better than Greg Fischer. Even Hal Heiner.

    I’m not going to continue to spew my opinion about Greg, as I already have… and I have explained it.

    I think Jim King is more equipped than Greg because: he’s actually been involved in Metro Government. He consistently stands up to Mayor McCheese. He’s an asshole– which is what you need, not some cheerleader of a nice guy. He pushes things to the limit. And he’s honest– about his KREF issue, about his family, about his daughter, about himself.

    I think Tyler Allen is more equipped than Greg because: he actually runs a business, he understands that River Fields is a goddamn joke, he realizes that Fischer’s backers are the four or five major families in the city that consistently impede progress, he’s honest.

    I think David Tandy is more equipped than Greg because: he’s been in government, he’s not Mr. Moneybags, he’s had an actual job that his daddy didn’t buy him, he’s not some East End white guy, and he realizes he’s got to develop a spine and stop playing petty games.

    But I think my preferred candidate would be best for the city because they understand the problems this city faces. Even if they haven’t a shot in the dark.

  5. I think we should all support Connie Marshall, maybe the electromagnetic waves will bring good things to the City of Louisville. LOL

    Disclaimer: I’m just kidding.

  6. Interesting reply to the comments. I am new to the city and wonder who the four or five ‘major’ families are. Care to elaborate or point me to some reading material?


  7. @unbelievable.

    Dant Clayton is in Jefferson County. Pretty damn close to downtown Louisville, actually.

  8. Steve, as you say this is a metro Louisville election…..but if not for Jake would anybody actually care enough (about this woman’s residence and voting status) to check where this woman lives? I don’t think so.

    What matters is the message. I’m not saying whether the message is right or wrong, true or false but his message about job creation is what this spot is about. The woman could be anybody. Maybe she was just better on camera than a local resident or her presence at the job site was convenient to when the spot was produced. I would rather see a critique on the message than on a superficial aspect of the production.

    Now that we know she is a non-resident and non-voter it seems like a mistake, but who else but Jake would notice? Maybe Fischer needs a campaign staffer to focus on anticipating how Jake is going to repond to Fischer’s every move. 🙂 🙂

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