Let’s Make Some Congressional Predictions, Folks

Okay. Monday night’s edition of Kentucky Tonight on KET (8:00 P.M. Eastern, FYI) will feature the 3rd District’s Republican U.S. Congressional candidates:

  • Larry Hausman
  • Todd Lally
  • Jeff Reetz
  • Brooks Wicker

So. Tell me. Who will perform well and who will be the most embarrassing?

14 thoughts on “Let’s Make Some Congressional Predictions, Folks

  1. Todd Lally is the only one that could ever be a Congressman. He’s sharp, good looking, professional, young, etc… He has all the intangibles. When you put him up against these other 3 clowns he is going to blow them out of the water. Guarantee.

    Hausman is as embarrassing as his TV commercial suggest he is. Don’t know what Brad Cummings was thinking getting involved in that mess. Hausman wasn’t even registered Republican until a year ago.

    Jeff Reetz. If there is an ‘insider’ in this race it’s Reetz, which in this environment doesn’t help. He has connections to DC which is the only reason he is even a viable candidate at this point, because he hasn’t campaigned at all. Hausman’s TV ad sucked but at least he spent minimal amounts of money, Reetz on the other hand spent much more money and had an equally embarrassing ad.

    Brooks Wicker is only in the race to promote his business.

  2. Tossup between Wicker and Hausman as most embarassing. Lally may have problems without a prepared speech. I agree with RickyP on Reetz being the insider in this race.

    We shall see Monday…

  3. In your order:

    I would never think to use this word but since you asked Hausman will be the most embarrassing.

    Lally just seems angry to me for some reason. He is the closest thing to a self-appointed TEA party candidate.

    Reetz thinks he’s a big deal but really isn’t.

    Wicker will preform the best. He has a calming/joking Huckabee style. Huckabee didn’t win, but people thought he did well in forums.

  4. Believe it or not, I see Larry Hausman pulling the upset. This is so because I feel as if he has really made the right connections and has alot going for his campaign. Clearly, I’m a Republican. Saying that, and knowing the Brad Cummings is an insider with the party, you have to know that all of the GOPers within the inner circles has a halfway understanding of what Hausman’s all about.

    As for Lally, he seems to be a very electable figure considering his looks, easy voice, and Conservative ties. My only concern with Lally is his ability to captivate a following in this race when there’s three other candidates fighting for his votes.

    For Reetz, I would consider him the second my list to Hausman. He clearly has the business experience. For Reetz, here’s my issue. After Downard lost to Abramson in 06′, I called the Councilman and asked him if he was interested in the Congressional seat,… his direct words: “I can’t see the people of Louisville electing someone my age to a Congress.” Does this pertain to Reetz as well? Something else Reetz has going for him is the fact that his daughter is a graduate of a political degree.

    Wicker,… the less-serious candidate out of the pack. I expect him to finish in the bottom with a single-digit percentage. Not that Brooks Wicker is a bad choice, I just don’t see him “wow-ing” anyone with his resume’ or his campaigning. He’s a CPA,… want to know another CPA running this season? His name is Jim King.

  5. In your order as well. I see Larry Hausman as a caricature of a politician. He keeps going around telling everyone about his comprehensive plans. I personally am tired of having these politicians tell me what they are going to do, instead of asking the constituents. Although he can speak fairly well I dont see him as a viable candidate, especially having seen the products he is putting out for tv and radio. Kinda sad actually.
    Lally has the resume. He has the leadership background and the deep roots here in Louisville. Someone before this stated they think he looks angry, but I think that is just seriousness. The office that these men are running for is no joking matter. I would say having served in the military for as long as he has will give him some experience in debating, military folks can be pretty ruthless on each other, if he’s been able to handle that for this long I think he can handle is own here.

    Reetz there is no doubt that he can handle himself. He is a board room guy. But, my wife came home from a Women’s Republican club meeting and was furious at the speech Reetz made. Evidently in that speech, Reetz admitted to giving Jim King $1000 for his campaign and then stated to close the speech that “He is the only guy in this race that can raise the money”. Are you kidding me? So what he said was and this is what I heard from the quote, I am rich and character shouldn’t matter but I can buy this election and continue to throw money at it. Well if thats the case he doesnt spend his money very well because his commercials are terrible! And I received his 6 page letter of “self aggrandizement” where he referred to himself a the “only true leader in this race” I think the 1000’s of military veterans around town would take a military leader over a guy who makes pizzas any day.

    And Wicker does have that “Huckabee” “Aww Shucks” charm but this guy “ironically” during tax season only refers to himself as Brooks Wicker, CPA. I find it funny that he also touts his business on his campaign website.

  6. I hope you’re right Camp Taylor. As to the anger of Mr. Lally, I saw him quoted by the CJ at an anti-health care reform rally where he told listeners, that “the uninsured just want to freeload off of your money.” Sounds like some anger in there. I called him to ask if the quote was accurate, since I didn’t think any candidate would intentionally offend such a large group of citizens. I did not speak with him but did leave a message and was not called back.

    Buh-bye Mr. Lally.

  7. Waah, fluke Yarmuth is getting ready to lose…Waah, Todd Lally is going to win the primary…..DEAL WITH IT!

    I see on that video above an American hero speaking from the heart at a very noisy rally….

  8. E, thanks for the link….if you listen closely Lally, while intending to criticize Yarmuth actually says “John Yarmuth voted against the health care that the majority of the people did not want.” I’m not sure what that means but on its face isn’t that what the tea-party claims to want? A congress that votes according to the wishes of what they claim is the “majority”? So Todd, if what you said was true Mr. Yarmuth did exactly what you want. What a tool.

  9. As a conservative interested in seeing genuine reform, I am disappoined in the tone and tenor of the thread. What is missing from the discourse is any discussion of ideas. I see reference to age, background, personality but nothing on concepts, proposals, policies and core beliefs. Jeff Reetz real life experience as a successful business man has given him a first hand look at the cost of intrusive government regulation. Jeff has seen first hand the effect on both his employees and his investors when markets are encumbered by over-reaching federal mandates. He and his businesses have paid the cost of the unintended consequences of the so-called well intended eleemosynary government. Jeff’s general core belief that there is limited role for government, especially at the federal level, is in keeping with the founder’s intent. Jeff’s specific policy proposals promote the type of individual freedom and responsibility that not only made America great but served as a model for economic growth everywhere. I hope we can put the pop culture issues behind us and get the campaign focused on matters of substance.”

  10. Sandy, I’m all for genuine reform, and perhaps the tone and tenor of this thread reflect the tone and tenor that the candidates and politicians are using today. Sad, but true.

    What you have stated as Mr. Reetz’ concepts, policies and beliefs lend nothing of substance to the debate. We already know he believes government is intrusive and less is better, etc, etc.

    What specifically has happened to him and his businesses? What specific price has he paid? What specific over-reaching federal mandates have caused these problems? Please tell us what exactly this terrible government intrusion causes him to do and how it has such a negative impact on his business?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

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