It’s Early On Oaks Day. Anyone Else Awake?

Yesterday Greg Fischer rolled out the endorsements of the Horsemen’s Benevolence & Protective Association and two outsider jockeys: Robby Albarado and Calvin Borel. That’s just weird. At least Pat Day, who endorsed Hal Heiner earlier this week, is someone locals know and appreciate as a Louisvillian. [Press Release]

That sound you hear is the Convention and Visitors Bureau unveiling a Destination Development Plan earlier this week that stressed the importance of preserving the Iron Quarter. [Click the Clicky]

Abbey Road on the River is coming back to Louisville. I guess this is a big deal for Beatles fans. There will be contests and such that we do not understand. [Click the Clicky]

This week Fairdale Bigfoot has advice for going to Churchill Downs. Mustache rides, seersucker, pleats and light beer. [Consuming Louisville]

The Watterson-Westport interchange is finally live. What’s it like, folks? [C-J]

How’d we miss this story? Mellwood Arts Center cited for illegal dumping. [WAVE3]

Kentucky’s U.S. Senate race is out of control and one of the Democrats is concerned about losing. [We’ve Got Audio]

Just a reminder: the Ohio River Bridges Project “data” are a load of horse shiz. [FatLip]

The destruction of Iron Quarter isn’t going to happen without quite a fight. People from all walks and political bents are coming together to express outrage. [The ‘Ville Voice]

10 thoughts on “It’s Early On Oaks Day. Anyone Else Awake?

  1. Todd Blue is losing his rear end on his real estate investments. He’s having a hard time carrying water while his bro (Jonathan) has passed him by via ‘leaps and bounds’, financially. T.Blue hasn’t got $1.5m to shore up the buildings’ facades — so he wants to tear ’em down. His lawyer, Cohen, will take all the fees he can get from T.B. and, in the end, TB will die on the vine, ’cause he hasn’t got the ‘political courage’ to w/stand a public fight.

  2. I bet Todd could very easily raise the funds to repair the structures. He could even raise public funds with ease, as he’s well-connected.

  3. This is a case of someone being over their heads with a delicate historic block. It is not a matter of money as Blue has plenty. It is a matter of not wanting to go thru the process of renovating the buildings individually or in combination…what a shame.

  4. Then Magruder, since you’re the public advocate and face of preservation as you richly act, why don’t you pull out your checkbook and send the money to the Preservation funds or set one up and that way we can preserve all these crumbling facades.

  5. Deborah Stewart asked the right question, Where was IPL while these buildings were falling down? Everybody knew about it but IPL is in such disarray because they were busy citing old people in the west end because the crackheads stole thier downspouts.

    And what about Mellwood Arts Center and John Clark? Clark has hundreds of people living in squalor at the Arcadia Apartments and IPL just finally showed up a few weeks ago and cited over a thousand housing violations. Where has IPL and George Unseld been the last twenty years?

  6. Jake and MacGruder are a little short in economics and are making a ‘presumption’ about Blue’s wealth, about which you have no direct knowledge. Fact of the matter is that $4.5 million to purchase in 2007 + interest and principal payments in the meantime + another $1.5m to rehab the exterior means there’s at least $7m in these bldgs and there’s NO PRIME TENANT. The Arena is a college arena that will be empty 320 nights a year AT BEST. The economic benefit of this Arena is vastly overstated. Remember they were looking for $40m in naming rights but got $13.5 — which means its ECONOMIC RELEVANCE IS one-third of what it would have been as a major league NBA arena.

  7. Don’t be so sure about what I do or do not know. Especially when it comes to money. Recall that I raised money from the Blue family for about seven years? I have a bit of insight.

    There are already deals announced that will utilize the arena when games aren’t going on – including conferences. While it won’t be full all the time, it’s a far cry from 320 emty days.

    If you’re gonna spin, don’t just make shit up.

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