Fischer Says He Was Entrepreneur Of The Year

Greg Fischer says on the campaign stump that he was one of Inc. Magazine’s entrepreneurs of the year in 1990. In fact, he says it all over the place. Every chance he gets.

Like at this forum:

Says the same on his campaign website:

On his Dant Clayton profile:

On his Iceberg Ventures profile:


And on Facebook/in campaign press releases:

But guess what? He’s not mentioned in either of the Inc. Magazine stories about entrepreneurs that year. Click here and here for those stories.

The actual Entrepreneur of the Year in 1990:


The call number for that issue of Inc. is HD 2346.45 155 in Ekstrom Library at the University of Louisville, if you’re interested in viewing it for yourself.

Kinda like when he claimed to have invented that fancy ice machine, I suppose.

I gave Greg a cache of data prior to his entry in the mayoral race that he said he’d take seriously and would address with me. It contained every research book and piece of data his opponents had collected on him over the years. So before anyone suggests I’m being unfair, think again. I bridged this issue a year ago. I told him then I would be bringing it up. And I’ve given his campaign more than 24 hours to respond.

This disappoints me. I am embarrassed. I apologize to you, the reader, for believing Fischer was a great candidate when he first got into this race. I am admitting I was wrong. You don’t have to like me or stand with me, but it was my fault for being misled.

If you need to take a trip down the Greg Fischer memory hole just for this campaign (excluding 2008):

Peep some stuff from 2008 after the jump…

Then there’s this from 2009:

  • Beautiful Friday of Fancy Extortion & Such [April 24, 2009] – here’s the text:

Remember when Greg Fischer filmed a campaign ad at a company he moved from Kentucky to Indiana? Marcus Green’s story in the Courier today focuses on MedVenture as a prime example of businesses leaving downtown Louisville. [C-J]

23 thoughts on “Fischer Says He Was Entrepreneur Of The Year

  1. Looks like somebody has a bad case of Al Gore syndrome. I like Greg; he’s a nice guy. But, there is somebody in this race who’d make a much better mayor, and that’s why I’m working for Tyler Allen. Watch the video link above. Enough said.

  2. KyGuy: Al Gore invented the internet – Or so he once claimed. I like Al, too, but he was given to making over-inflated, self-aggrandizing claims. Sound familiar?

  3. Tyler Allen is the way to go. He has a strong vision and knows Louisville and it’s people. He knows what we need to do to create a city that can compete and one that will grow and prosper. Tyler Allen needs to be the nest mayor of Louisville.

  4. Unreal, not smart to blatantly lie in a political campaign. This doesn’t change my vote though, I was always going to vote for Tyler Allen. He’s focused on the bridges project, the most important issue facing Louisville.

    Vote Tyler Allen!!

  5. Oh, I know that the whole internet thing was taken (at least a bit) out of context. Al’s unfortunate choice of words (“I took the initiative in creating the internet”) took on a life of their own, especially in the infamous JibJab video. But I do remember Frontline’s excellent profile of Bush and Gore talking about Al’s tendency to self-aggrandize. Didn’t matter to me, really – I was a Gore Group organizer in 2007. The Fischer thing, however, is on a whole different level, and it’s bound to be very damaging to his campaign.

  6. It seems to be a difference between embellishing/lying (Fischer) and exaggerating (Gore).

    Gore indeed helped a lot to launch the public Internet that we know today.

    But did Fischer really invent an ice machine? Or was he really Inc’s entrepreneur of the year?

  7. Been in Greg’s office. There is a patent on the wall from the US Patent office. Not sure what the comment about faking an invention is all about, but there is a legit patent out there on some vending machine technology and Greg’s name is on it.

  8. I’ve got a question.

    If, indeed, your allegation is true (and I tend to believe it is, based on a little research of my own –but I want to do more) —

    How has this spread SO FAST today? How was Fischer’s Wikipedia page edited the same day this story was published? Why do I get so many hits on this topic all seeming to have been published just today?

    I’m not accusing anyone of anything yet, other than apparently being very efficient users of the internet. (Although I would like to know who edited that page just today.) But from the outside, this sure LOOKS coordinated.

    Of course, all Fischer has to do to stop it is to show the award, the story, or some sort of verification. But the lack of verification isn’t the only thing looking fishy, at least to me.

    Off to dig into the edit history at Wikipedia.

  9. Bruce: Because so many people are after him as the front-runner. It did spread like wildfire.

    Wikipedia… who knows? I bet it was an Allen supporter.

    Coordinated? Hardly. I write something negative about Greg every five minutes. I’m just going through the 1,300+ pages of stuff I gave him a year ago.

    I’m publishing photos tomorrow that will back my story up.

  10. I’ll be honest: None of this really matters to me… And all of the candidates want and promise better jobs, better education, better blah blah blah… The show-stopper issue in this campaign is the bridges project, and there’s only one major candidate who has the right idea. I can’t imagine anyone voting for anybody else.

  11. While I do lots of Wikipedia edits, I want to make sure everyone knows that it wasn’t me who made that particular edit to Fischer’s page. It was somebody who chose to be anonymous beyond the IP address It’s somebody who uses Insight for their Internet. (I use AT&T DSL.)

    Also, the Internet is a fast contraption, especially when a lot of people are following things right now, and a lot of things can happen can seem coordinated. It’s really just that many politicos want the voters of Louisville to know about who they’re voting for.

  12. After spending more and more time searching Inc’s website, I have found that a lot of people from Louisville have been named regional EotY, but even at that, I can’t find anyone with the name Fischer ever having been named any sort of EotY.

    I’m not saying it didn’t happen, I’m just saying proof that it did happen is hard to come by.

  13. And one more comment… the earliest date I can find this being mentioned is in a UofL CoB press release from 2007. I can’t find any sources online that make this claim that haven’t been updated since 2007. Anybody else know when he first made this statement?

  14. Once again… I’m publishing photos tomorrow that back my story up.

    Greg was never Inc. Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year.

  15. If the other candidates run with this in ads it could cost Fischer the election. You really have to ask what sort of person would make such an incorrect statement..

  16. The question I have is: Will this matter to people, or are they too distracted with “Dancing With The Non-Stars” to notice?

    It certainly matters to me, but I follow these things. There have been 1400 mayoral forums and we still have a large portion of the community that is undecided. It’s like people don’t even know about the damned ice machine claim yet, then, if Fischer gets elected, they will all whine like swine about “why we didn’t hear about all of this” before.

    Would it help if Doug Hawkins sent out an email blast on the subject?

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