Fancy Greg Fischer Doggy Rumors

Remember the other day when Greg Fischer announced an endorsement from some sort of animal advocate?

From his website:

“Certified professional dog trainer and animal advocate Allison Woosley commented, “My fellow animal lovers and I believe Greg Fischer is the best mayoral candidate because he has taken the time to tour, meet with, and actively listen to representatives at Metro Animal Services, the Kentucky Humane Society, and other rescue and animal welfare groups to develop a well thought out and comprehensive animal services approach for Louisville Metro Government.”

Guess who was rumored to have been promised a staff position in a Fischer Administration? Allison Woosley. A woman who advocates retaining Wayne Zelinski as Director of Metro Animal Services.

But Greg Fischer’s animal welfare committee is apparently more a joke than this little endorsement. Multiple (as in more than two) individuals who sat on Fischer’s committee tell me that most of what’s now his ‘policy’ was never discussed at the table. At least two others in the group had no idea who Wayne Zelinski was, were unaware of what happened under Meloche’s flustercuck and had no experience with animal shelters.

Fisher apparently never appeared at any of the meetings. During one animal welfare event he was absent because he was at a fundraiser. He phoned in during other meetings on occasion.

Isn’t it a little insane for Greg Fischer to be welcoming the Gilles Meloche-Wayne Zelinski crew aboard his campaign? When I asked his campaign staff to tell me whether or not Greg planned to retain Zelinski, they refused comment and then spun me a bit. Which means they plan on keeping him. Not a smart move for someone leading the Democratic pack or for someone who professes to love animals.

I’ve got a mountain of documents alleging illegal action on the part of Zelinski and MAS. The major issue is illegal search and seizure by MAS staff – two cases for which I have alleged proof and dozens of other claims. That’s on top of all the lawsuits and other information that’s become public over the past year in the wake of Meloche. So if Greg Fischer wants to go down this road, it will not be pretty.

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  1. I also actually served on this committee–along with a number of concerned citizens/volunteer animal rescuers in this city. Allison Woosley is a herself a volunteer rescuer and VP at Dant-Clayton. As as all those who run for political office do, Greg reached out to those he respects and trusts to head committees around the issues about which they have particular knowledge or passion. In this case, that was Allison. I honestly don’t believe that she has any aspirations to become head of LMAS and AM CERTAIN that no names have been suggested. Through this work I have been persuaded to vote for Fischer. Seeing the openness and diligence in the way he has conducted his campaign and platform makes me really hopeful.

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